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Geelong - Where to eat, drink and shop

May 24, 2024 2 min read

Geelong - Where to eat, drink and shop

We are proud of our home town of Geelong, close to the water and less than an hour's drive from Melbourne. Everything is at your fingertips, however we don't need to leave Geelong to get our fill of great places to eat, drink and shop.

We recently enjoyed a wonderful staff lunch at Two Noble, and it has inspired us to create a list of our favourite go-to places in the region. 



Now, back to Two Noble. After enjoying the chef's selection lunch, we all can highly recommend this South East Asian dining experience that's nestled upstairs in the historic Sawyers Arms Tavern. We enjoyed a variety of delicious dishes, Heroes Sparkling Rosé (you must check this wine out as $5 from every bottle is donated to Share the Dignity) and delicious mocktails for the drivers. 

So here are some of our favourite places in Geelong, from the NSC team:

Celeste's favourite spots:

Coffee: Rebecchi’s and Lineup

Groceries: Harvey’s in Highton and The Source Bulk Food

Dining: Man Bo and Barwon Edge

Takeaway: Chicken Shak  

Clothing: Mayfield and Cecil & Gunn 

Rebecchi's and Line Up are eateries near our Newtown store. Obviously, staff favourites!




Sarah's favourite spots:

Coffee: Rebecchi’s and Lineup 

Dining: ⁠Chin Chin and Hi Sushi Pako for family

Takeaway: ⁠JP’s drive thru

Groceries: Harvey’s of Highton

Clothing and Accessories:  ⁠Cecil and Gunn

The running theme amongst the team for shopping were Cecil and Gunn and Mayfield.  


Tamar's favourite spots:

Coffee: Line Up

Dining: ⁠Lipari, Cucina one12 

Take Away: ⁠La Campagnola

Groceries: Geelong Fresh Foods

Courtney's favourite spots:

Coffee: Rebecchi's

Dining: Tulip 

Takeaway: ⁠I Ragazzi

Groceries: ⁠Valerie’s Pantry & Organic Larder

Shopping (Courtney loves a bit of jewellery!): Milly Thomas and BLT jewellery

Belle's favourite spots

Coffee: Poco and Rebecchi's

Dining:  Alma 

Takeaway: Pollo Rotisserie

Drinks: Nectar for cocktails and Geelong Cellar Door for wine

Groceries: Geelong Fresh Foods

Georgia's favourite spots:

Coffee: Rosscos and Neck of the Woods

Dining: Pizza Bar or Pholklore

Groceries: ⁠Geelong Fresh Foods

Shopping: Mayfield Store

Kobi's favourite spots:

Coffee: Rebecchi's

Dining: Nectar for fancy / Hot Chicken Project with the kids

Takeaway: Newtown Provedore

Groceries: ⁠Geelong Fresh Foods

Wine & Snacks: Blackhearts & Sparrows

Geelong Makers

This month we are celebrating all things Geelong, including all of our Geelong Makers, you can view the wonderful products we stock from our region here.

Have anything else to add? What are your favourite go-to spots? Share them below so we can all discover the best of Geelong.

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