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5 simple steps to prepare for cooler weather

June 11, 2024 3 min read

5 simple steps to prepare for cooler weather

Now that autumn has turned into winter, the time has come to pull out cosy jumpers and make preparations for a few months of hibernation. So we thought we'd share our top five tips to prepare for the cooler weather:

1. Wash or refresh your woollens and cashmere pieces 

They've been stored in the cupboard and are likely a bit musty. Luckily it's super easy to refresh your delicates with the all-natural Bondi Wash Wool & Cashmere Wash which can be used on any knits made of cotton, linen, wool, fleece, jersey and cashmere.  The formulation is high in citral and limonene; citral helps whiten, clean and degrease clothes, while limonene helps to repel insects. It is gentle on fabric and on the skin and is lightly scented with the Bondi Wash Fragonia & Sandalwood fragrance. 

2. Lower your water temperature for showering and hand washing

Yes, yes.. a good long, hot shower sounds like just the thing on a cold morning but very hot water can dry out the skin. You're better off having a 5 minute warm shower or bath if your dry, winter skin is reminding you of lizard scales. If you're coming out of the shower with red skin, it's probably too hot. Easier said than done, we know!

The same goes for hand washing, especially if, like me, you're prone to eczema in the colder months. The Eczema Association of Australiasays the combination of exposure to hot water and/or cool winter air can lead to an eczema flare up. Their website has some really good resources on managing eczema for kids and adults.

I find putting on a layer of hand cream after I've washed my hands really helps to lock moisture in. I'm loving Skin Juice Perfect Paws Hand Therapy Creamfor the winter months as it contains lots of lovely natural oils and has a zingy lemongrass fragrance that reminds me of barley sugar lollies. Anyone remember eating those on 40 Hour Famine?!


3. Switch to a cream cleanser and level up with your moisturiser/serum

Switch to a cream cleanser and a richer moisturiser or serum

As the weather cools, wind increases and heater temperatures soar, our skin needs a little extra TLC. It's a good idea to switch to a cream cleanser and add in a hydrating serum, or use a more nourishing moisturiser, to ensure your skin gets the extra hydration it needs.

Our top picks?

Clemence Organics Refining Cleanser: designed to be applied to dry skin and washed off with warm water. It has been formulated by Naturopath Bridget Carmady, with certified organic rose otto at its core, to enhance beauty without compromise. Anti-ageing botanicals hydrate, nourish and rejuvenate skin, while skin repair oils assist with sun damage, scarring and pigmentation.

Terra Tonics Cellular Hydration Serum: this is Celeste's go to for winter moisturising as it acts as your moisturiser and serum in one. So tick tick for time and money saving! She loves it because it is deeply nourishing without adding heaviness to the skin. She says her makeup sits nicely on top as well.

4. Invest in a heavy duty hand and body lotion

It's not just the skin on your face that dries out in winter. Give a bit of love to hands, body and lips with these goodies:

Mukti Botanique Body Lotion is a subtle-smelling body lotion that is rich and creamy but absorbs into the skin easily. Another one of Celeste's faves.

Egyptian Magicis a cult product loved and recommended by celebrities and makeup artists globally. It only contains olive oil, beeswax, honey, bee pollen, royal jelly and bee propolis.  Celeste and I always have a pot of this on hand as it's perfect for applying to dry lips and any other scaly bits on your person.


5. Drink lots of hot drinks to warm and nourish yourself

We are all so much more likely to crave a restorative hot drink on a cold and miserable day - so it's important to remember our reusable cups so that we can avoid takeaway cups at every opportunity. All of us here love our Fressko cups and they come in lots of fun colours to brighten a dreary day.

We have lots of options for a hot cuppa too, like Love Tea Respiratory Blend which is great for maintaining a healthy respiratory system or for helping your body fight a cold. Or you could indulge in Grounded Pleasures' amazing range of hot chocolate blends. Don't forget the marshmallows!

Love Sarah x

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