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Geelong Makers; supporting our local brands

May 16, 2024 5 min read

Geelong Makers; supporting our local brands

We love to support products made or owned by people living in Geelong, the Bellarine and the Surf Coast; local small businesses who are creating, crafting, formulating and designing incredible products that deserve a spotlight to be shone on them!

It's all about community and supporting one another. We love that these brands are also female-founded, supporting more women in our region.

Here is our list of the fab Geelong brands that we stock at Natural Supply Co!

Botanicals by Luxe

Using only sustainable, skin safe and natural ingredients, Botanicals by Luxe skincare is ethically made, Australian made and owned, and fabulous!

Formulated by Bec Connolly, a skin therapist with over 13 years experience in the field, the vegan range is filled with botanicals, plant and fruit extracts and active components to help reveal your best skin ever.

The products are all cruelty free, vegan, free from nasties (no PEGS, parabens, sulphates), free from synthetic/artificial fragrances or colours, and they WORK. These gorgeous treats are tested on humans... not animals.

See the Botanicals by Luxe Collection here.



Missta was designed by two mums in Geelong, Demi and Melinda, in the hope that formula feeding can be a supported feeding option by the world we live in. Accepted as a part of society, and a great way to feed babies when breastfeeding isn’t or hasn’t happened - for whatever reason.

Being a parent for the first time can be incredibly overwhelming and whichever feeding journey you go down, Missta wants to encourage you to be a proud parent!

The innovative Missta Bottle insulated bottle keeps 750ml of sterilised water warm for up to 12 hours. With an inbuilt temperature light indicator located in the lid, Missta lets you know whether the water is at a safe serving temperature to mix with formula when feeding infants.

There is also a  Formula Dispenser and bottle in the range.

Shop Missta here.

Gentle Habits / This is Incense

This is Incense is a fab Geelong small business, founded by Torquay local Sophie. Although Sophie and her fam moved to Yamba recently, the business is still run from Torquay.

Incense became a new-found ritual within Sophie and her family's lifestyle - an effort to slow down and unwind. 

This is Incense was created in a pursuit of scents that could remind them of their favourite Australian places.

You can find incense, incense holders and diffuser oils within the range. View This is Incense here.

Project Ten

We love Project Ten bags at Natural Supply Co, and we love that they are created by another local Geelong Mum, Jacquie! Project 10 create handy, fun and lightweight bags and pouches that can be used for just about anything - from taking everything you need for the family's day out at the beach, to picking up your groceries on the way home from work, and everything in between. They also make a fabulous gift!

View the Project Ten range here.

Winki Zinc

We're delighted to be stocking local, zero waste sun essentials from Winki Zinc. Founded by keen surfer and outdoor adventurer, Belinda, this lovely small business from Fairhaven in Victoria uses local ingredients wherever possible, including local beeswax. Plus, all of the packaging is biodegradable and nothing goes to waste - something we can seriously get behind. 

These zinc sticks and lip balms, and newly launched Mineral Sunscreen, are sure to be your new summer essentials. 

View the Winki Zinc range here.

Elizabeth Bell Ceramics

Elizabeth Bell is a wonderfully talented local ceramicist, who creates a range of timeless, handcrafted ceramics in Fyansford.

Elizabeth Bell Ceramics Jug - Pistachio

As a fellow small business owner, Libby makes conscious efforts that aim toward running a low-impact, sustainable business, ensuring its environmental impact is as minimal as possible. From recycling clay to energy use, logistics and functional items, Libby constantly makes conscious decisions to do her part for the greater good.

View the Elizabeth Bell Ceramics range here.

Love Tea

We are excited to stock Love Tea - another small business out of Geelong, based on similar principles: beautiful products that are beneficial for health and promote wellbeing and looking after our planet.

Owned and operated by Naturopaths Emma Watson and Damien Amos, all Love Tea blends are skilfully crafted, blended and packed right here in Geelong. Emma and Damien collaborate with growers and small scale cooperatives around the world to fairly source organic ingredients. Each product is thoughtfully designed to ensure optimum therapeutic benefit, exceptional flavour and minimal impact on the environment.

We hope these gorgeous, tasty teas inspire you to appreciate the quiet moments, take care of your health and share great tea with people you love.

View the Love Tea range here.

Teagar Balm

Teager Balm is Geelong owned and operated, and is a vegan-friendly pain relief balm. Whether you’re dealing with muscular aches and pains, arthritis, or just a headache, Teager Balm can help you to get relief, fast.

In Australia, we are very lucky to have access to some of the best natural remedies in the world, but many of these products are manufactured overseas. The most popular balm in Australia is manufactured in China. The wellness balm industry is booming and there’s no sign of it slowing down. With millions of dollars being spent on this kind of product each year, why isn’t more Australian manufacturing happening? That’s where Teager Balm comes in.

There are many other products out there on the market for pain relief. Many balms contain Australian products but are made by international companies with manufacturing facilities located overseas. The money you pay for the product ends up supporting an offshore business making little social or economic contribution to Australia; but not when you buy Teager Balm, which is a proudly Geelong owned and run small business.

View Teager Balm here,

Ikigai Home

Ikigai Home was founded by Kate Sheehan in 2017, while gazing out the window of a tiny apartment in Kitchijoji.

Kate is a self taught ceramist and hand builds stoneware ceramics slowly and consciously in her studio based in Geelong, Victoria.

Ikigai Candle Plate in use

Inspired by the natural world, she creates simple and durable pieces for the home using traditional hand building techniques and firing to a high temperature. Kate embraces imperfections and believes that nurturing small quirks in her work tells a more accurate story of her journey as an artist, how she sees the world and non-manufactured beauty. 

View the Ikigai range here,


Vessel, formerly known as Happy Society, is a collection of natural therapeutic scents created to inspire positive and nurturing daily rituals.

Vessel believe in the power of slowing down and creating peaceful moments, wherever life takes you. Guided by Shani’s expertise in aromatherapy and the art of perfumery, Vessel has a unique range of scents that connect you to yourself and the wonders of the natural world.

View the Vessel range here.

Lauren McQuade Ceramics

Lauren McQuade makes beautiful small batch ceramics, born from a desire to enjoy slow living in Bellbrae on the Surf Coast of Victoria, Australia. 

These unique pieces are each hand-crafted, meaning no two pieces will ever be exactly alike. You'll find that each piece is both beautiful and functional, something that will be enjoyed for years to come. 

Lauren McQuade Coffee Cup - Marble Pinch

Whether you're looking for something to treat yourself or a special one-of-a-kind gift for a dear friend, Lauren McQuade Ceramics has you covered! 

View the Lauren McQuade range here.

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