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Raising Funds for Feed Me Geelong

April 21, 2024 3 min read

Raising Funds for Feed Me Geelong

Donating a $1 from every sale to Feed Me

From April 21 to May 12 2024, we will be donating $1 from online and in store sales to Feed Me Geelong, Surf Coast and the Bellarine. This charity is doing wonderful things for the community and we are so fortunate that as a business, we can help to raise funds to feed those in need.

Privately funded and built by the people of the community, Feed Me rescues food destined for landfill and helps feed the community with 'no questions, no agendas'.


Established by Lana Purcell and head chef Ant in 2019, together they designed a new way to tackle food waste, meal creation, mental health and community engagement. Taking perfectly good food waste, they feed those in need. 

Food rescue is the foundation of Feed Me, a foundation built on to provide many vulnerable families and communities with a regular supply of fresh and nutritious food. Feed Me have created a community space run primarily by volunteers that can rescue, reuse and re-purpose food waste with respect and dignity for the product and for the people that will be consuming the product.

They have in-house chefs that cook with passion and purpose to create meals that all can be proud of. Their army of volunteers have also created a wonderful space of community connection, which has also has created a tangible effect on the mental health of those who visit Feed Me.


Rescue Food

Businesses across the Greater Geelong region are tackling food waste in their own business and selflessly donating to care for their community.

Food is donated by various businesses, which is then sold in the 'mini-mart' or created into meals cooked by Feed Me chefs to feed the community.

Since 2019, Feed Me have provided the community with 1,500,000 meals!

Help the Environment

Food waste is a huge issue, with over 7.3 million tonnes of food wasted in Australia every year - which equates to nearly 300kgs of food per person per year.

EACH MONTH Feed Me rescues 80,000 kg of food from going to landfill!

Create Community

Feed Me have designed a new way to tackle food waste, meal creation, mental health and community engagement; by taking perfectly good food waste and feeding those in need, as well as joining our caring community in working together.

Wasted Mini Mart

The Wasted Market is a community space created to help those in need in the region. There is no need to register, no need to identify yourself, and no need to explain why you are there. 

With a mission to provide people with access to food items that would otherwise go to waste, a 'take what you need, pay what you can' policy is always in place.  

You can shop the rescued fresh food items and leave a donation that is within your budget, what you can afford, that gives you some reprieve, if you can. If you can’t leave a donation, they simply ask for a smile, a nod, a thank you.

Their belief is that sometimes the deepest donations aren’t monetary and strive to create a safe and inclusive space for everyone.


Feed Me Surf Coast: 7-9 Cylinders Drive Torquay 

Feed Me Bellarine: 24 Sinclair Ave Ocean Grove

Feed Me Geelon:- 44 Westmoreland Street, St Albans Park

Thank you for your support

The work of Feed Me is only possible through the donations of local businesses and members of the community. We thank you for your support during this month and really appreciate our wonderful customers for your continued support of the charity partners we have.

Find out More about Feed Me here.

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