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Is my skin dry, or dehydrated?

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Knowing whether you are suffering from dry or dehydrated skin can be really tough - and the ways to treat dry and dehydrated skin are very different, so it is important to know the difference so you can get the best out of your skin!

One thing to remember: dry skin is a specific skin type, while dehydrated skin (which can happen to any skin type) is a skin concern.

Here are the key indicators of DRY skin:

- skin always feels dry and tight, and you experience very little to no oil production. It looks dull as a result

- dry skin may get worse depending on changes of climate or activity, but regardless of any of these external factors, skin feeling dry with little to no oil production is consistent

- skin may have dry patches or redness, and is more sensitive to the first signs of ageing

- skin can be very easily irritated

To treat DRY skin, it is ideal to:

- try a milk cleanser. Foaming and gel cleansers may strip any oil you do have in your skin. We recommend the Grown Alchemist Hydra Restore Cream Cleanser

- tone your skin using a soothing, gentle product, such as the Grown Alchemist Hydra-Mist+, which contains potent Peptides, Hyaluronic Acid and Antioxidants to noticeably hydrate, soften, smooth, soothe and visibly boost your skin's radiance while also reducing the visible signs of ageing

- ensure you use a nourishing serum to penetrate into the skin and deliver optimum hydration. We recommend the Mia Höytö Lumous Rich Nurturing Serum, which firms the skin, while offering long-lasting hydration. It protects skin against free radicals, and regenerates the skin by stimulating cell processes

- moisturise every morning and night. Our top pick is the Mahalo Rare Indigo Beauty Balm for dry skin, or the Mia Höytö Unelma Intensive Moisturising Cream

These are the key indicators of DEHYDRATED skin:

- skin may produce a normal or excessive amount of oil, but skin still feels tight or dry and may be flaky

- the feeling of 'dryness' may come and go: dependent on changed in weather, or if you've been swimming a lot or using a sauna frequently

- sleeping lines or expression lines are apparent

- you may experience large pores and blackheads, and breakouts around the chin or t-zone

- makeup can go patchy during the day, disappearing and leaving an oily sheen

To treat DEHYDRATED skin, we recommend:

-  dehydrated skin can be caused by different factors, but quite often it's the result of using harsh or irritating products. We highly recommend the SOS range by MADARA, which has been specially developed to care for dehydrated skin (regardless of skin type)

- drink plenty of water 

- avoid using harsh scrubs/exfoliants and cleansing brushes

- skip highly fragranced products

- try a replenishing toner after cleansing, and avoid astringent, skin-stripping toners

Have you got a specific skincare question? Feel free to email Sarah directly for personalised, expert advice:

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