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How Kester Black is changing the face of beauty worldwide

May 31, 2018 1 min read

We just love Melbourne-based natural nail polish brand Kester Black, and they are shattering glass ceilings in the beauty industry.

We wanted to share just what Kester Black is doing to make life better for all creatures on earth, great and small!

First up, Kester Black is Australia's most innovative ethical beauty brand. It's been crucial to the KB team from from the very start to create beauty products that are vegan, totally cruelty free and kind on the planet.

After all, as our friend (guru?!) David Attenborough says, we don't inherit this planet from our ancestors, we borrow it from our grandchildren.

3 things you may not have known about Kester Black nail polishes:

Kester Black is staunchly cruelty free & vegan. They will never test on animals or use animal products in their formulas. Never ever.

They donate 2% of all revenue to charity. Kester Black ask their customers (including us!) which charities they'd like to donate this percentage to: and they are currently giving the love to Asylum Seeker Resource centre, CARE and Women's Community Shelters. 

Kester Black is 100% carbon neutral! Kester Black and all their products are certified carbon neutral. This is a recent certification, and one that the team worked very, very hard to achieve.

When you buy Kester Black, not only are you adding some serious style to your beauty collection, you're also making a stand. #crueltyfree4eva

And when you buy Kester Black vegan nail polishes from Natural Supply Co, you support two small businesses with big goals - and that means everything to us.


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