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How to create (and maintain) the perfect fake tan this summer

November 01, 2023 3 min read

How to create (and maintain) the perfect fake tan this summer

We all know the effects of over exposure to the damaging effects of UV rays, so instead of risking potential sun damage, why not ‘fake it’ this summer by learning the tips and tricks of achieving the perfect tan without harming your skin!

In celebration of Biologi launching their new Activate body scrub, and perfectly timed for summer, we asked their skin experts how to create and keep a perfect (and safe) golden body glow.

Preparation makes perfect

We all know that regular exfoliation helps to achieve smoother, softer and increased hydration, but it also provides great preparation and a base for your self-tan application. It helps to keep your tan looking good for longer and it’s also great to remove any old tan!

Applying a body scrub before you exfoliate will help with an even and smooth tan application for a more professional finish. Biologi’s Activate Body Scrub is a unique 3-in 1 body skin scrub that effectively exfoliates, nourishes and enriches your skin with the purity of Australian ingredients like Emu Apple fruit powder, Macadamia Oil, Murray river basin salt and sugar, so it’s the perfect choice to use before applying your fake tan. Its active formula removes dulling dead surface skin cells to leave your skin refreshed and revived and can be used 1-2 a week.

We love that Biologi have sustainability at the forefront of each new product development and this new body offering is no different. Activate’s pure formula is packaged in a PCR – post consumer resin tub which has been repurposed and is a fully recycled material.

Keep it clean

Showering before applying your tan is also key to remove any daily product residue, SPF or pollution from the skin prior to applying your tan. Remember to pat your skin thoroughly dry post shower to ensure tan is applied to a completely dry skin.

Use a mitt

Invest in a mitt to help provide good coverage, particularly for larger areas. A good mitt helps provide a flawless finish and keeps your palms free from tanning. Body mitts are also a great multitasking accessory to help cleanse the body and remove excess exfoliant too. Choose from Biologi’s multipurpose bamboo body mitt, Three Warriors tanning mitt or Inika tanning glove. Our mitt offerings are all eco friendly and easy to use and care for.

Plan your hair removal

To get the best from your tan application, work your hair removal schedule into your fake tan plan. Waxing, shaving or laser can irritate the skin, so allow adequate time for your skin to return to normal. As a guide, we recommend about 24 hours for waxing and shaving with 2-3 days post laser. If you are considering laser treatments, our advice is to thoroughly remove any tan prior to your laser treatment.

Our top tip, choose Activate Body Scrub as it can help thoroughly remove tan safely and effectively before any laser treatment.

Fake tan choice

Choose a self-tan that you feel will work for you. The Three Warriors tan range is a superior, eco-friendly tan range and contains kind-to-the skin ingredients to give you a flawless golden looking tan. Choose from their award-winning Gradual TanSelf-Tan Mousse, or Body Tan Aqua Mist range.

Remember your SPF

Don’t forget that self or fake tan does not contain sun protection, so always apply a SPF daily to all exposed areas of your face and body and remember to apply as required! 

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