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Plastic-free travel essentials: how to limit plastic usage on holidays

July 09, 2018 2 min read

Plastic-free travel essentials to fight the war on waste

It can be easy to limit single-use plastic usage when you're at home and in your routine. You might shop at bulk food stores and take your own containers; use metal straws and stainless steel or glass containers for leftovers; and make all of your meals at home.

It can be tricky to think ahead for holidays, or plan how to minimise waste when packing space is tight.

We've put together this guide of how you can minimise plastic use when you're on the go, as simply as possible, and continue fighting the war on waste wherever you are.

Plastic free travel

1. Take a bamboo cutlery set: keep this little pack in your handbag or satchel, and say 'no' to plastic cutlery when you eat on the go; whether you're on a plane, in a food hall or grabbing takeaway.

2. Take a stainless steel bento box: pack it with a meal or snacks for your travel time, then easily rinse it out in the sink. You can use it for takeaway and to pack snacks when you're heading out for the day. So easy.

3. Bring your water bottle and coffee cup: I know that wherever I go, I am going to want coffee and water. By bringing a reusable water bottle and coffee cup, I am saving single-use plastic every single day, which is a huge saving. 

4. Take metal straws: some people prefer to drink with a straw, and they are handy with kids too. Metal straws are available in handy 'on-the-go' kits, packed in a cotton bag with a straw cleaner included. So easy and such a great way to save plastic waste.

5. Use a shampoo bar: it takes up less room than a shampoo bottle and will last way longer. 

6. Use a body lotion bar: again, it takes up less space, is highly moisturising and will last for ages. 

7. Take a reusable shopping bag: we are all more likely to do some extra shopping when we're on holidays. By keeping a foldable shopping bag in your handbag or satchel, you can refuse extra bags when you pick up some new goodies.

8. Use a menstrual cup: this will actually save you space, compared to packing tampons and/or pads. Plus, it's way more comfortable and practical when travelling - you can empty it less often than you'd have to change a tampon, with zero small.

See our range of zero waste travel goodies here.

Is there anything you'd add to this plastic-limiting travel guide? We'd love to hear your extra suggestions!

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