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Celeste's curly hair routine

July 16, 2021 2 min read

Celeste's natural curly hair routine

I have been sharing a bit of my curly girl journey on our Instagram account, and after discovering my holy grail product this week, so many people have messaged me wanting to find out my hair care routine. I thought I'd share it here as a resource for my fellow curly haired friends!

To lay the scene: I've been trying to find the right products for me for over a year, and the biggest issue has been the time it takes, and having to have sopping wet hair - I also hate the crunch of gels. So I am really happy to have found something to work for me that doesn't involve dripping wet hair and crunch!

This is my routine:

I wash my hair twice a week with Innersense Pure Harmony Hair Bath, which is ideal for my fine coloured hair. I then condition with the matching Pure Inspiration Conditioner. I leave it in for a few minutes but then wash completely out.

Then I put my hair in a microfibre towel - I leave it in this for about 20-30 minutes. It's probably worth mentioning here that I always wash my hair at night!

When it's just damp, I put about 4-5 pumps of this in, and scrunch it through. This is my holy grail curly hair product! The curls spring right up - I could instantly see the results. I've never experienced this with any other product before.

Then I use about a pearl size amount of this, emulsified in my hands. It helps to add definition to the curl and reduce frizz.

If it's not too cold, I leave my hair to air dry for a bit, and then use my diffuser to dry it off before bed. If it's really cold or it's getting late, I just use the diffuser to dry it as much as possible. Then I pop it up in a pineapple on the top of my head, using a silk scrunchie. Off to bed, and then the last thing I do in the morning before I leave the house is take the scrunchie out, and voila!

For more pics, please check out our Curly Hair Instagram reel.

I really hope this is helpful - please let me know if you have any questions!

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