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Recycling Resource List

June 16, 2021 3 min read 2 Comments

Recycling Resource List

Recycling Resource List Geelong

We have compiled a list of local and nationwide recycling initiatives to help you on your zero waste journey.

We will continually be updating the list as we go so please feel free to email Sarah on if there is anything you know about that isn't listed here. 

Skincare packaging

Any brand skincare packaging (that doesn't have 1-5 printed in the recycle logo on the tube - that can go in your kerbside recycling bin) in glass or plastic tubes, tubs, bottles, lids, droppers, jars and pumps; or flexible plastic skincare packaging. Bring these into us at Natural Supply Co, 5 Rutland St Newtown VIC 3220 and we will send them on to the national Terracycle Garnier Green Beauty Recycling Program. If you  are not local to Geelong you can find a Terracycle point here .

Please note, these products are not accepted:

•  Packaging still containing product
•  Skincare tools and makeup brushes
•  Aerosols
•  Make-up wipes and sheet masks
•  Any hazardous or dangerous goods

•  Cardboard external packaging (place in kerbside recycling)

Toothbrushes/toothpaste tubes/dental floss 

Bring these into us at Natural Supply Co, 5 Rutland St Newtown VIC 3220 and we will send them on to the national Terracycle dental recycling program. If you  are not local to Geelong you can find a Terracycle point here .

Worn/damaged/unsaleable clothing/fabric/linen

Upparel (formerly Manrags) also collect textiles for reuse, repurpose and recycling. They collect the following:

  • Clothing items (jeans, shirts, coats, etc)
  • Hats
  • Bags (handbags, duffel bags, etc)
  • Wireless Bras
  • Swimwear
  • Socks and stockings
  • Shoes
  • Linen (bedding, towels, tea towels, etc)
  • Fabric mattress protectors (not waterproof/plastic)
  • Fabric off-cuts and sewing scraps
  • Fabric couch covers and curtains
  • Bathers & Swimwear
  • Wetsuits

Once you’ve got your textiles boxed and ready to be collected, simply email them with your name, the number of boxes you have to be collected and your collection address. From there they will be able to determine which courier to utilise to facilitate the collection of your old textiles.

Clothing retailers Zara and H&M each have garment collection programmes for clothing or textiles, which they use or recycle. 

Hair aerosols eg hairspray cans

Bring these into us at Natural Supply Co, 5 Rutland St Newtown VIC 3220 and we will send them on to the national Terracycle dental recycling program. If you are not local to Geelong you can find a Terracycle point here 

Beauty/skincare/makeup/hair care products

Mecca, Priceline and David Jones have partnered with Terracycle to accept all brands of beauty products for recycling at their stores, not just brands that are available at their stores. Items accepted are:

  • Shampoo bottles and caps
  • Conditioner bottles and caps
  • Hair gel tubes and caps
  • Hair spray bottles and triggers
  • Hair paste plastic jars and caps
  • Lip balm tubes
  • Face soap dispensers and tubes
  • Lotion bottles, tubes, dispensers, and jars
  • Shaving foam tubes (no cans)
  • Lip gloss tubes
  • Mascara tubes
  • Eye liner pencils and cases
  • Eye Shadow tubes
  • Concealer tubes and sticks

Not Accepted:

  • Aerosol cans
  • Perfume bottles
  • Nail polish bottles and nail polish remover bottles
  • Electronic items such as blow dryers and straighteners
  • Any bio-medical or bio-hazardous waste or
  • Any contents of packaging such as nail-polish, lotion, soap or ointments

N.B All packaging should be as empty as possible before being brought in-store for recycling.

Old sneakers

If you have any brand of old sports shoes you’d like to recycle, just head to a Rebel Sports store and pop them into the Nike Reuse-a-Shoe bin located in-store.

Converse also have a Save our Shoes program, with a store credit as an added bonus.

Seed & Sprout silicone items

If you've got any tears or damage to your Seed & Sprout silicone items, you can fill in their Take Back Form here and they'll email you a reply paid label to send the products back to them, for recycling through TerraCycle.

Lids 4 Kids Recycling Programme 

Lids 4 Kids collects a range of plastic and aluminium items including:

  • Any plastic lids from milk bottles, cartons, disposable water, juice and soft drink bottles (including pop tops). 
  • Plastic bread tags
  • Medicine blister packs, soft drink pull tabs, beer bottle tops, wine bottle and other aluminium tops and corks are also accepted.
  • Washed aluminium coffee pods that have had the coffee grounds removed can also be donated.

Not accepted: Lids larger than a credit card such as jar tops cannot be accepted.

For more information head here:

Latex and Foil Balloons

Amscan and Terracycle have partnered together to offer recycling for latex and foil balloons.

You can recycle any brand of: 

  • Foil balloons
  • Latex balloons
  • Latex balloons treated with Hi- Float & Hi-Shine

This program does not accept:

  • Prefilled confetti balloons 
  • Ribbon and balloon weights
  • Closure clips
  • Balloon sticks and stick cups
  • Packaging and other party accessories

For more information and drop off points, head here:


2 Responses


March 30, 2023

Hi Rena, unfortunately we do not collect pull rings. However you can leave them on the can and recycle the whole thing in your kerbside recycling. I hope this helps, Celeste


March 30, 2023

I have a massive bag of pull rings from cans my husband has been collecting.
Do you recycle and do you collect?
Trying to find a place where they can make good use.
Please Advice.Thanks

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