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Weleda Burns & Bites Cooling Gel

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Burns and insect bites can be itchy, sore and unattractive. The Weleda Burns & Bites Cooling Gel does an excellent job of easing the annoyance, and fits easily into your home first aid kit. It is also a great cooling gel to soothe and relieve the symptoms of minor burns, sunburn, scalds and rashes.

Why we love the Weleda Burns & Bites Cooling Gel:

  • It's an essential for every first aid kit
  • Made with natural herbal ingredients, including Echinacea, Aloe Vera, Arnica and Nettle, it helps to soothe and ease redness
  • Arnica, traditionally used in homeopathic medicine to soothe the pain and aid the healing of minor wounds, has an anti-inflammatory action to help to reduce the swelling and pain of insect bites, minor burns, scalds and sunburn, and inflammation caused by insect bites
  • Echinacea's anti-inflammatory action can also help to reduce swelling and its antiseptic, antibacterial and antimicrobial properties assist in the healing of minor burns, scalds and sunburn
  • Urtica Urens is also traditionally used in homeopathic medicine to help soothe and relieve irritation of itchy skin rashes, and itchiness of nettle rash
  • It's certified biodynamic, fair trade and p ackaged in recyclable tube

Directions: Do NOT use on wounds where the skin is broken. In the case of major burns or injuries, please consult your medical practitioner.

Burns: Hold affected area under running cold water for 20 minutes and then apply a small amount of Cooling Gel.

Sunburn/Bites: Apply a thin layer every two-three hours.

Rashes: Apply two-three times daily.

If symptoms persist consult your healthcare practitioner. Always read the label. Use only as instructed. Contains ethanol. For the treatment of burns, immediate treatment should consist of the rapid application of cold water for a suitable period and the product should only be applied afterwards. The product is for the first-aid treatment of minor burns only and medical advice should be sought for the treatment of more serious burns.

Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods ID: 78369.

Ingredients: Each 1g contains: Tincture, equiv. fresh juice: Echinacea purpurea, whole flowering plant 8.3mg; Urtica urens, herb 47.5mg; Tincture, equiv. dry: Arnica montana, flower 450mcg; Arnica montana, root 50mcg; and Aloe vera, dry leaf juice 1mg, equiv. fresh leaf juice 200mg. Contains ethanol.

Size: 36ml.

Made in New Zealand

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