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Weleda Arnica Cream

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The organic Weleda Arnica Cream offers fast and effective natural relief from the pain of sprains, bruises, muscle aches and pains; it's an essential for every first aid kit at home. 

Safe for both adults and children, Weleda's bestselling Arnica Cream contains silver fir, orange, lemon, rosemary and sage essential oils to reduce pain and inflammation from injuries and over exertion.

This non-greasy herbal cream is 100% natural and has been formulated to prevent the development of bruising when applied immediately at the site of the contusion. 

Free from synthetic fragrances, preservatives, parabens and petrochemical derivatives, like paraffins.

Directions: Apply a small amount into the affected area, 3 - 4 times per day during the acute stage. Use 2x/day thereafter or as directed by your health care practitioner.

Ingredients: Each 1g contains:

Tincture, equiv. dry: Arnica montana, flower 27mg; Arnica montana, root 3mg; Oil extract, equiv. dry: Arnica montana, flower 20mg; and essential oils: Abies pectinata, leaf (Silver fir) Oil 600mcg; Lemon Oil Distilled 2mg; Orange Oil 1mg; Rosemary Oil 2.1mg; Sage Oil Spanish 300mcg; in a base containing natural vegetable oils and beeswax. Contains ethanol.

Size: 36ml.

Made in Germay

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
So helpful for muscular pain

I get headaches from super tight neck and shoulders, and I have found this to be such a great option. I just massage it into my neck and shoulders and find that it really helps to ease the pain. Also love that it doesn't have a strong scent - in fact, I can't smell anything at all, unlike most muscle rubs.

Bruises be gone!

This has been a savior for my legs. I’ve just started kick boxing and my shins are soooo bruised. After each session I apply this cream to my shins and it helps reduce bruising and discomfort-healing faster. Love it, glad I found it!