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TONIK No.1 Organic Coconut Oil Capsules

GO COCONUTS FOR COCONUTS 'cos they will turn you into a glowing god or goddess of supermodel proportions *not proven. 

TONIK No.1 Organic Coconut Oil Capsules are 100% natural, 100% radiance inducing and 100% made of really good stuff (pure, organic coconut oil). Their best seller status at Natural Supply Co proves it!

Sadly, we are not allowed to tell you what the exact benefits of consuming nature's most renowned elixirs are. But you can check out Google's 17,400,000 Search Results for Coconut Oil Benefits and make up your own mind!

    Directions: Pop a cap (or two) twice a day.

    Ingredients: 100% coconut oil inside capsule (1000mg per capsule).Capsule made from gelatine, glycerol, E171, water.

    Size: 120 capsules.

    Made in China.


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