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TOM Organic Tampons at Natural Supply Co

TOM Organic

TOM Organic Tampons


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We love TOM Organic Tampons because they are certified organic, made in Australia and free from any bleaches, dyes or polypropylene (plastic) coatings.

Commercial tampons are commonly made from synthetics, plastics and bleached conventional cotton that's laden with toxins. Switching to pure, organic tampons ensures you're making the best possible choice for your body.

Available in three options:

- Mini Tampons (pink): 2 x boxes of 8 tampons (16)

- Regular Tampons (green): 2 x boxes of 8 tampons (16)

- Super Tampons (purple): 2 x boxes of 7 tampons (14)

Made in Australia.

Customer Reviews

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Safe comfort

I love using TOM products because it means that I don't need to worry about what I'm using in such a sensitive spot (during a generally uncomfortable time of the month!) so I highly recommend this product :)