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STYLEWARE Nesting Bowl Set

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The STYLEWARE Nesting Bowl Sets are sure to be your new kitchen favourites. Each bowl is snap-tight, lightweight, and meant to make your day, every day. Whether you’re standing at your counter or eating at your desk, doing it up for dinner or popping by your friend’s, these bowls are the bowls, you know?

Why you'll love the STYLEWARE Nesting Bowl Set:

  • They snap-tight (perfect for wet foods, but do take care with liquids)
  • They have a timeless style
  • Microwave, dishwasher, fridge + freezer friendly
  • BPA/Phthalate free
  • They nest for storage; so convenient!
  • Choose from a set of 2 (one small and one extra small bowl), 3 (one medium, one small and one extra small bowl) or 4 (one of  all four sizes)
  • Made and designed in Australia

The hardest part is choosing your colour!


LARGE H: 8.2cm Ø: 27.5cm Vol: 3.8L
MEDIUM H: 7.2cm Ø: 22.5cm Vol: 2.2L
SMALL H: 5.7cm Ø: 17.5cm Vol: 1L
X SMALL H: 4.2cm Ø: 12.5cm Vol: 0.35L


More about the sizes:

  • X Small is the baby! Perfect for herbs and spices at home, or dips and dressings on the go. The Extra small is the one for bliss balls, acai bowls, condiments, complements, and compliments.
  • Small is our daily go-to! Your lunch leftovers just got luxe, and your friends just got jealous. The Small is the right size for takeaway refills, snack stashes, morning or midday meals, and bits and bobs.
  • Medium is the giver! Sharing is caring, and this one packs an extra bite or two — or more (it’s been known to steal the spotlight at picnics and parties). The Medium is bound to get along well with salads, pastas, and sides.
  • Large is the boss! Cooking for a crowd can be tough, but looking good while doing it? Pssh, we’ve got you covered! The Large loves big meals, baked goods, BBQs, and more (and more).

Material: Polypropylene. Food grade, BPA and Phthalate free.

Care: Top rack dishwasher, fridge and freezer friendly, remove lid for microwave.

Made in Australia

Customer Reviews

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Great Buy

Saw the set of bowls in a home magazine, great for the caravan, loved them so much I’m getting another set for home. They look fantastic!!


These are so handy - I love that they're made in Australia, which is so unusual for products like this. The smaller sizes are perfect for snacks and lunches, and the bigger ones are perfect for serving dishes and salads. So convenient, and so stylish.