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Sleepy Patch Sleep Promoting Patches

Are you looking for an easier way to get your kids to sleep? Say hello to SleepyPatch! These all-natural, essential-oil-infused sticker patches sticks to your little one’s pyjamas to help them fall asleep faster, also supporting longer, more refreshing sleep without groggy mornings. Plus, they offer a fun and easy way to help kids relax before bedtime (because who doesn’t love a smiley face sticker?!)

Each pack of SleepyPatches comes with 24 essential-oil-infused emoji face stickers. These bright, colourful patches are made with medical-grade, non-woven fabric, and they come in a zip-lock resealable bag!

But... do they actually work? They sure do! In fact, SleepyPatch is scientifically tested and formulated to start working within just 30 minutes for most individuals. Because of our unique nanomaterial, the essential oils in SleepyPatch won’t wear out after you take the sticker out of the package — they last all night long!

How long do they last? SleepyPatch lasts all night thanks to its unique nanomaterial, which releases essential oil molecules into the air every 30 seconds. But don’t worry — the scent is gentle and not overpowering, so your little one won’t get overwhelmed.

Is it safe? Yes, and that’s why we love it. Unlike melatonin pills, sugary sleep gummies, or prescriptions, SleepyPatch is just as effective without nasty side effects like dizziness, morning grogginess, or nightmares.

Directions:First, make sure PJs are on. Next, choose an emoji face sticker with your little one — they’ll love this part!

Stick the SleepyPatch on your kiddo’s pyjamas. Or, if your child tends to move around at night, you can stick SleepyPatch right on their bed frame for the same, effective sleep support. And don’t worry — the adhesive easily un-sticks to clothes and furniture so you don’t have to worry about picking stickers off of anyone’s clothes or bed.

For kids aged 0-2 years: use 1 patch placed centrally on the body.

For kids aged 3-5 years: place 2 patches on the body—one on the torso and one on the legs.

For ages 6+: use 2-4 patches—one placed on clothing next to each exposed limb.

    Care: Once the pack is opened, your SleepyPatch are effective for 6 months. When sealed, they will last up to 24 months.

    Ingredients: mandarin, lavender, sweet marjoram, and vetiver essential oils.

    Size: 24 per pack.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews

    Not really working how it states, feel a bit ripped off

    Hailey Nolan
    sleepy patch

    My 7 year old boy loves using these patches. I'm still unsure if it's placebo or if they really work, but he loves the idea that they help him relax. They are a staple of his bedtime routine and have been for a few months now :)


    Love this nothing else works 2 patches and a couple of hours later I sleep pretty well


    Works well for my grandchildren now mum and dad get a better sleep

    Fran Mifsud
    Sleepy patch god send for 10 yo daughter

    Ohhh wow!!! These are an absolute miracle for us. My 10 yo daughter is a bit of a night owl and tends to want to stay up all night. She’s an amaxing sleeper once she gets to sleep but her mind races. We have a crazy busy schedule and struggle to relax or do nothing. It’s go go go. We shower 7.30pmish and start winding down for night, no devices (she will try to sneak them in it’s a struggle!!!).

    When she’s brushing her teeth, I get her to put a sleepy patch on. Or sone nights she’s ok so we don’t bother. But I’ll go into her room 10 pm amd she’s still awake.. she’ll ask for a patch. Every single time, she’s out like a light in 10 mins.

    We have almost run out so jumped on to check available. We will be visiting the store tomorrow to stock up!!

    Thanks natural supply, you guys are legends stocking these ❤️❤️👌🏼👌🏼