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INIKA Vegan Kabuki Brush

The classic INIKA Vegan Kabuki Brush has short and dense bristles, ideal for buffing liquid and powder foundation.

The perfectly sized bristles are extremely soft, and designed to hold the foundation in the brush helping to maximise the application of the product.

Certified Vegan. Certified Cruelty-Free.

Directions: Start by lightly dipping the tip of the brush into your favourite INIKA Organic mineral powder. Once the top of the brush is coated hold it vertically with the bristles facing upwards, and tap the base of the brush down on a hard surface so the powder sinks in the bristles of the brush. 

Swirl the brush in circular motions over your face or onto a desired area, being careful not to apply too much pressure down on the bristles.

To protect all your INIKA brushes, cleanse regularly using a chemical free shampoo. Lather and rinse until the water runs clear and leave to dry naturally overnight. 

Ingredients: Made from high quality natural fibre bristles. Handles are made from a biodegradable PLA material, made from a microbial fermentation process with Raw Corn and Cassava.

Customer Reviews

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Everyday staple

I received this as a GWP a good while ago and used to mostly use it with mineral powders. But then recently on a whim used it with my Eye of Horus serum foundation and I haven’t looked back. Blends in seconds! I lightly spray the brush with a hydrosol of some kind and first dot the foundation on my forehead, nose, chin, outer cheeks and my neck under the jaw. Then I go in the buff with this damp brush - easy and quick!

So soft!

I love this brush. Its so soft and definitely well made. Worth the investment xx

My fave brush of all time for mineral foundation

Ahhhhh how I love this brush! I bought mine about 7 years ago and it's still going strong and has barely lost a bristle. It has a nice sturdy fat handle and such lovely densely packed bristles. Even though it's vegan, the hairs feel very soft and they pick up and deposit loose or pressed mineral foundation powder very well. It buffs like a dream. And only $59.95 - over seven years it's cost me less than ten dollars a year! Well worth it. Love love love. If you get the Inika loose powder foundation you'd be crazy not to get this as well.