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INIKA Vegan Foundation Brush

The INIKA Vegan Foundation Brush is designed for use with liquid foundations, allowing for an even, buildable coverage to provide a flawless finish. The perfectly sized flat head is specially designed to hold the foundation in the brush and buff the product on the skin, for an airbrushed finish.

Why we love the INIKA Vegan Foundation Brush:

  • It's made from soft synthetic bristles
  • Allows for even and buildable coverage
  • Soft bristles and a flat head maximise product application
  • It's an effortless way to achieve a professional looking makeup finish

Directions: Using a liquid foundation, start by pumping a pea size amount onto the back of your hand, and then proceeding to pick up the product by pressing your brush lightly into the product on your hand. Once the top of the brush is lightly coated, start to swirl and buff the brush in circular motions over your face until the foundation is blended and desired coverage is achieved, being careful not to apply too much pressure down on the bristles.

Brush Care: To get the best results and extend the life of your INIKA brushes, it is recommended to clean them as needed following the below steps.

1. Keeping brush facing downwards, lather and rinse bristles with a chemical-free wash and lukewarm (not hot) water until the water runs clear. 

2. Leave brushes to dry naturally on a flat surface.

Ingredients: Made from high quality natural fibre bristles. Handles are made from a biodegradable PLA material, made from a microbial fermentation process with Raw Corn and Cassava.

Customer Reviews

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Fantastic brush

It’s the best brush I’ve ever had for applying foundation. It’s well worth the investment. Super soft and comfortable to use.