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Clemence Organics Brightening Eye + Skin Serum

WINNER: Best Eye Serum at the 2023 Beauty Shortlist Awards

Introducing Australia’s First ACO COSMOS Certified cosmeceutical skin brightening serum from Clemence Organics. This multi-targeted formulation contains the most potent organic skin brightening ingredients, with proven results for creating a more even skin tone, brighter and smoother skin, and diminished dark circles around the eyes.

This silky-smooth serum will regenerate, renew and offer complete radiance to skin, no matter the age. Its innovative formulation allows the key ingredients to work in synergy, to maximise their benefits on targeted areas and with results in just weeks.

Why we love the Clemence Organics Brightening Eye + Skin Serum:

  • Daisy flower and Hawkweed visibly reduce the appearance of dark circles, providing an even skin tone and brightening skin
  • Gotu Kola reduces hyperpigmented skin, particularly when induced by a wound, rash, pimple or other skin irritation
  • Turmeric, bearberry and lemon water further improves skin radiance and even skin tone
  • Biofermented hyaluronic acid supports collagen synthesis and may help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Probiotics improve the microbiome of the skin, strengthening the skin’s protective barrier
  • It's ideal for treating pigmentation and dark skin spots, dull skin, uneven skin tone, dark circles under eyes.

100% natural and certified organic, each of Clémence Organics’ products is designed to balance the skin’s pH, microbiome and sebum levels, allowing skin to reach a
natural equilibrium.

Clemence Organics is Australia’s only naturopathically formulated and certified
organic skincare range. Their mission is to empower consumers to make smart skincare choices, based on the relationship between beauty, health and the environment.

Directions: 1-2 times daily on face, neck and decolletage area.

Size: 30ml.

Made in Australia

Customer Reviews

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Great everyday serum

I use this day and night and my skin feels much brighter and clearer now. It's also great under the Eye of Horus foundation serum - a moisturiser under is too heavy for me but I feel like I need a little something - this is the perfect base for it.