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Biologi Lip Serum

The new Biologi Nourish Lip Serum is a single-plant extract of native Australian blood red finger lime, chosen for its natural healing and protection properties; the blood red finger lime is packed with 100% active natural phytonutrients, that work in synergy to reduce redness, calm inflammation and leave lips softer and more supple than ever before.

Designed to treat cells on a deeper level, use BL hydrating lip serum for a regenerative boost during the day, or for a soothing and deep conditioning treatment overnight.

Why you'll love the Biologi Lip Serum:

  • It's a revolutionary serum unlike other glosses and balms on the market. Rather than sit on top of the lips, the unique water-soluble formulation penetrates the skin's deeper layers to regenerate cells, increase suppleness and aid hydration while providing a clear shine
  • Use it as a deep overnight conditioning treatment, and apply for hydration bursts throughout the day
  • It provides antioxidant protection, smoothing, softening and gently regenerating and exfoliating the surface of the lips
  • It deeply repairs damaged cells caused by inflammatory lip conditions

Directions: Apply Biologi Nourish Lip Serum before bed as an overnight deep conditioning treatment that regenerates and repairs lips while you sleep. BL can also be applied throughout the day for a burst of hydration and to give a clear shine.

  • Twist the bottom of the dispenser to the right to push serum into the sponge applicator.
  • Apply to dry lips before sunscreen and makeup
  • Apply throughout the day as needed

Ingredients: Citrus Australasica (blood red finger lime) 100% active nutrients*

* An active nutrient is a biological ingredient found in a plant source that directly affects the function of the skin. All serums in the Biologi range are undiluted and contain active nutrients at 100%.

Size: 5ml.

Made in Australia

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
It really does things!

I have chronic lip issues, including occasional cheilitis (inflammation of the lips), allergic reactions to a lot of lip products (including anything that contains lanolin or beeswax) and general dryness and flakiness. I stubbornly continue to wear lipstick and struggle to deal with the fallout. I really didn't think there was much I could do for the condition of my lips except relentless use of Vaseline. I was also a bit skeptical about the value of a serum, while also curious enough to give it a try. I was so surprised to find Biologi Lip Serum genuinely helpful. It feels slightly tingly when I apply, but in a nice way, not an "inflammation is happening" way. It feels totally weightless, and whatever it does overnight my lips always feel soft and smooth in the morning, which means I can keep wearing lipstick without sacrificing the condition of my lips. Definitely a worthwhile product to add to your routine!

Kate Winther
The lip serum everyone needs!

The lip serum has been great in winter! I'm a nurse and wearing surgical masks so my lips often feel dry... definitely made a difference. Love that the ingredients are simple and low tox.

Terrific Hydration

I like the applicator, a twist sponge - no mess no fuss and easy to apply. I was using it a number of times during the day as absorbs quickly, which I’m not used to with other lip products. Is lightweight and much lighter than a lip gloss or paw paw that I generally use to keep hydrated. I’ve found that I need it less and less now as my lips have become less chapped and flaky. It has a sweet taste on the lips, not unpleasant. I feel like the flaking that can occur on my lips due to say wind damage when I’m outside has subsided. I feel my lips are more hydrated, but it hasn’t made a difference in terms of having plump lips. I have tended to use it more at night before bed and as part of my routine in the morning before makeup as I don’t feel like it leaves a long-lasting moisturising feel due to its quick absorption.

Made my lips nice and smooth

This product really helped with my dry lips. It was easy to apply and didn’t have a bad taste.

Lovely lip serum

I wasn't sure what to expect as the serum has a different texture to any other lip balm or treatment I have used. It's slightly sticky for a few minutes after applying, but quickly soaks in and does not leave an oily or glossy coating. I have found I am not reaching for my handbag lip balm to reapply numerous times during the day like I would normally & my lips feel soft and hydrated.