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Biologi Bd Luminosity Face Serum


WINNER! beautyheaven Best In Beauty Awards 2020:  Best Specialised Skincare Product 

The Biologi Bd Luminosity Face Serum features Davidson Plum as its key ingredient, which contains a storehouse of antioxidants to leave skin looking refreshed, radiant and luminous.

The natural nutrients in Davidson plum make Bd serum an all-round face serum that treats a range of skincare conditions, while working with the body’s natural hydrating processes to nourish cells from the inside out to create an even, luminous skin tone.

Why you'll love the Biologi Bd Luminosity Face Serum:

  • It's seriously hydrating
  • It reduces skin blemishes
  • It strengthen skin cells, and offers antioxidant protection from damaging free radicals
  • It exfoliates skin with enzymes, helping with acne blemishes

TIP: Carry Bd serum in your travel bag and apply during long-haul flights, and keep it in your handbag for an instant splash of hydration whenever you need it.

*Note: If skin is highly sensitive then we recommend you start with the Bf or Bk serum first to help improve the barrier function of the skin. The Bd can then be introduced thereafter. 

Directions: Before sunscreen in the morning, apply one to two pumps of Bd serum all over the face and neck area. Apply at night after cleansing. Apply every second day for the first week, increasing to daily and as required in week two.

Ingredients: Davidson Plum, 0.2% Sodium Benzoate

Made in Australia

Customer Reviews

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Sam Whitton
Love it

I just started this a couple of weeks ago and am happy not to have any reaction AND to see my skin brighter and more even toned. These products are so nice to use 😀

Ebony L
Speechless (in a good way)

I use Biologi Bd in the evenings and Biologi Bk in the mornings, and have done so for a few months now. I have sensitive skin and had breakouts, redness and scaring for as long as I can remember. Since using these serums everyday, not only have I noticed, but also my friends and family have noticed a significant difference in my skin's appearance. I have not had a breakout since I first used these serums, not even one teeny tiny little pimple. My redness has also drastically reduced and my scarring is slowly but surely disappearing.
I could not recommend these products enough!

Beware of the additive Sodium Benzoate

I purchased my serums before doing thorough research on the additive in their products 'Sodium Benzoate'. Sodium benzoate is harmless unless manufactured with Vitamin C. It has the ability to create a known carcinogen called 'Benzene'. I have had a great experience with the product but am growing concerned!

Thanks for your comment regarding sodium benzoate. This is a super common question we get asked however it is completely false when it comes to Biologi products, I will explain a little more for you.

When sodium benzoate is added to a water soluble solution, benzoic acid is created which is the preservative. Benzoic acid is a naturally occurring substance found in many fruits.

Ascorbic acid is a man-made, synthetic vitamin C. This is the “Vitamin C” that is found in traditional skincare products where as Biologi products contain naturally occurring vitamin C directly extracted in water-soluble form straight from the plant itself.

As Biologi products contain natural vitamin C relating these 100% natural products to sodium benzoate and ascorbic acid creating benzene is not correct. Biologi have performed testing on their Finger Lime and Kakadu Plum extracts (Biologi Bf & Bk, the 2 of Biologi’s products that house high levels of natural Vitamin C) with sodium benzoate added. The results show benzoic acid has been created and vitamin C is also present while benzene is definitely not present.

If you would like to see the LCMS data sheets on this we would be more than happy to share.


I've ordered this twice now and I'm hooked. I wanted to get a more luminous look and this feels so natural and light. I know it's working magic on the inside too. Highly recommended.

Love this stuff

I’ve been alternating buying this with the bqk duo and I love each of them equally. Over time and along with an enzyme exfoliant a couple of times a week my skin has appeared to me more rested and less tired. I do not have pigmentation or pore issues but I have fine lines and my skin looks tired or dull easily (thanks to growing older/balancing more work-family-life madness) but this has helped to the point of feeling good sans foundation.