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Gem Toothpaste

Gem Toothpaste was founded by Georgia, an Aussie who's unnaturally obsessed with natural products (just like us!). After spending years immersed in beauty products and going deep on microbiome health, Georgia learned about the power of forming healthy habits, natural ingredients and the microbiome. The more she learned, the more she started questioning the daily-use products that contradict and compromise our health standards... like toothpaste. Why do we use organic moisturiser on our face, then fill our mouths with the same toxins found in rat poison and toilet cleaner? This questioning inspired Gem, a toxic-free, probiotic rich toothpaste.

Gem is here to stop you nuking your mouth. It’s the new paste for a new generation with an all-natural ingredient list of things you can actually pronounce. It’s free of the bad stuff, like parabens, triclosan, SLS and BS and full of the good stuff, like probiotics and natural oils. And of course, it does all the stuff you’d expect a toothpaste to do, like freshen, brighten and protect your grill. Yessssssss!!!