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Have you heard about cosmetic acupuncture?

December 17, 2018 2 min read 1 Comment

Acupuncture Wellness Co in Geelong

There is a time in every woman's life when she realises that the expression lines on her face no longer disappear when she has ceased to raise her eyebrows, frown or smile with glee. That day effects every woman differently - but usually it's a dark, dark day for her ego and feelings of youthfulness!

I recently experienced this and decided that while I didn't want to go down the path of botox to eradicate the movement in my forehead, I did want to seek a natural treatment alternative to try and reduce any frown lines. Smile lines I am happy to keep - but there is something about a furrowed brow that just doesn't scream carefree youth, which is how I want to feel (and look!)

And then I discovered that Hannah Watson - who I used to see for acupuncture at Newtown Natural Health & Fertility - had opened up her very own cosmetic acupuncture clinic at Pakington Health in Newtown (where my husband Cam is a remedial massage therapist) - and it seemed like more than a happy coincidence! I immediately booked in, and last week had my first cosmetic acupuncture treatment.

Hannah's room is very comfortable and cosy, with crystals scattered about and calming music playing. Hannah started by asking me lots of questions about my general health and also the skin concerns I was wanting to target. Hello frown lines!

I lay on the bed and Hannah started by putting some acupuncture needles in my feet and ankles to help with general health and energy levels. She then moved up to my face and inserted tiny Japanese needles all through my frown lines. They stayed in for a little while - 10 minutes maybe? - while Hannah used a rose quartz and jade roller on the rest of my face, which helps to relieve congestion, calm and bring oxygen to the skin; this improves skin tone and adds a lovely glow.

Cosmetic acupuncture

I was in the treatment room with Hannah for about an hour and a quarter, and left feeling completely relaxed and with soft, comfortable skin. There was no pain during the treatment and I loved that the cosmetic acupuncture was combined with general acupuncture for a total feel-good experience.

Cosmetic acupuncture Geelong

I've booked to go back in two weeks, and look forward to seeing the accumulative results.

Who I saw: Hannah Watson at Acupuncture Wellness Co; 374 Pakington St, Newtown VIC 3220

Just to clarify - this is not a sponsored post and I did pay for the treatment. At Natural Supply Co, we are all about sharing natural alternatives wherever we can, and supporting local businesses.

Would you like to hear more? Comment below and let me know!

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June 04, 2019

Wow, you can really see the needles working. I love cosmetic acupuncture and are so glad to see so many wonderful clinics offering this treatment.

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