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Our top 6 tips for living green

July 10, 2017 2 min read

Our top 6 tips for living green

'Going green' is very in vogue right now, but this is a trend that is not only good for us: it's also really important for the planet. The reality is, our lifestyles have a big impact on the planet and by making small changes to our daily life, we can make a real difference to the future of our children and our children's children.

So we thought we would share our top six tips for treading a little more lightly on the earth. We'd love to hear your suggestions, too, so please comment below with any additional ideas!

1. Ditch the plastic bags

 Keep some reusable bags in your car so when you're out and about or doing your groceries, you can say 'no' to plastic. There are other benefits to this: no breaking bags, a more comfortable option to carry, and they go over your shoulder. They also look better, too :)

2. Replace everyday disposable items with reusable options

Treat yourself to a reusable (and stylish) Frank Green SmartCup (coffee cup) and SmartBottle (water bottle). These BPA-free bottles are sturdy, lightweight, dishwasher safe, and great to drink from.

Wipes are another key drainer of our landfill; try TOM Organic Tooshies Wipes instead, which are biodegradable and the BEST wipes we've ever used.

Plus, you can ditch cling wrap and plastic sandwich bags thanks to reusable food storage options. These have been a godsend for minimising waste in our household.

3. Reduce, reuse, recycle

Make sure only things that can't be recycled are hitting the rubbish bin, and that all of your recyclables are being sorted correctly.

Ideally, you might also be able to reuse some of the things you might otherwise be getting rid of: cereal boxes can be used for craft activities with the kids, glass jars can be used for storing homemade jams and sauces (which also make excellent gifts!), and magazines you've finished with can be passed on to friends or the op shop for future use.

4. Use less water

This can be a hard one when you love a relaxing long shower (guilty) but it's an easy way to look after our environment and also the water bill. Turn off the tap while you brush your teeth, fix leaking taps, shorten your shower times and stop rinsing dishes before stacking the dishwasher are all do-able ways to use less water. 

5. Embrace meat-free Mondays

Raising livestock produces a large amount of greenhouse gases, so going meat free one day per week can significantly reduce your carbon footprint.  

6. Swap out your household cleaners and personal care products

Choose plant-based products that show a full list of ingredients on the label. By switching to eco-friendly cleaners and cosmetic products, we minimise air pollution, waste water pollution, and can reduce the number of potentially harmful chemicals we might have around our homes. A must when there are kids and pets around. Also make sure your exfoliating products don't contain plastic micro beads, which end up in our waterways and wreak havoc on their aquatic inhabitants (tip: no products at Natural Supply Co contain micro beads!)

We'd love to hear your other suggestions below!

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