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Who – a brother and sister power duo

Motivated by a love of beautiful design and a passion to create a new standard in social enterprise, designer and humanitarian Sara Panton uses the art of aromatherapy to share stories from cultures around the world.  After leaving medical school to start Vitruvi with her brother Sean they have worked together to unite her background in global health with his passion for entrepreneurship.

Why – utility, functionality and beauty

The name Vitruvi was inspired by the Roman architect Vitruvius who stated that everything designed should have: Utilitas, Firmitas and Venustas; that is, it must have utility, functionality, and beauty.  Inspired by thoughtful design, Sara and Sean aim to apply that same attention to detail in the creation all Vitruvi products so that they are as functional as they were beautiful.

What – beautiful oils to calm, energise or de-stress

Vitruvi products use only high grade essential oils sourced from over seventeen counties. The oils are gathered in small batches and are bottled in environmentally friendly packaging. Vitruvi is 100% against animal testing and is dedicated to the preservation of culture and passionate about providing healthcare in developing countries.

See the Vitruvi aromatherapy oils here.