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TOM Organic

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Who - Amazing Aimee 

Aimee was still a teenager when she discovered the ingredient list on the back of a box of tampons. She was shocked at what women were putting inside their bodies and wanted to change feminine hygiene products for the better. Aimee has spent years carving a place for organic feminine hygiene products for Australian women and we're so pleased to be stocking her amazing range.   

Why - feminine hygiene products made with an environmental focus

Aimee is committed to looking at the holistic supply chain and changing the landscape of the industry. Every single woman uses 12 to 15 thousand pads or tampons in her entire lifetime. The environmental effect of those products is phenomenal. Plastic products sit in landfill for seven to ten years verses a biodegradable product so TOM Organic is really making a difference. Aimee's products are also certified by the ACO (Australia Certified Organic), Australia’s largest certifier for organic and biodynamic products. "By following organic farming practices, we can help to prevent harmful pesticides from entering our environment and polluting the air, our waterways and the soil."

What - products that are simply better for you

We love the range of TOM Organic products, from pads (night, day and maternity pads) to tampons they'll look after you during your Time Of Month (hence of the name!). As Aimee says: "from woman to woman, let's be more conscious about what we put in our bodies and look after our health and environment every time of the month".

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