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PHR Professional Hair Care

Who - a family based business and another female creator

PHR is an innovative, family operated business bringing a range of unique hair care products to you.

The company was founded in 2011. The inspiration for these luxurious products came from Reyna Futschik who was tired of her experience with existing hair care products that did not deliver on their promise to protect and strengthen hair but rather left residual build up in the hair.

‘Living in Los Angeles, where environmental conditions such as sun, water and wind are so damaging to the hair I was constantly searching for products to protect and hydrate my hair.’

Reyna then moved to Australia where conditions were equally as harsh,  if not harsher by nature. She found her hair was even becoming brittle, coarse and dry. Fed up with products in market she decided to start mixing a variety of natural ingredients to formulate her own range of products.

After trialing a range of different formulations, she found one that she loved and really made a difference to her hair.  So while holidaying in Broome that year, she trialed the products and experienced great results with her hair.  From then, she embarked on the journey to share this product with others by commercializing the range.  And that was the beginning of PHR… 

Why - premium natural ingredients for your hair

Unlike many haircare products in the market, the PHR product range is made with premium natural ingredients. They are enriched with vitamins, proteins and antioxidants. They do not contain synthetic silicone, or toxic ingredients, and there are no added parabens. They are formulated without animal testing or animal ingredients. PHR is committed to providing the highest quality products and delivering outcomes beyond expectation.

What -hair care and protection the natural way

We’ve been busy testing out these gorgeous products! From blowdry serum, to shampoo and conditioner, these products passed our test as being stock full of natural products and working really beautifully.

Shop the collection now – you won’t regret it!