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More about Sarah

I have loved beauty and skincare products ever since I stole my mum’s blue Nivea cold creme jar to try as a little girl. My own skincare journey has seen me experimenting with budget rosehip oils to high end fancy products and everything in between.

I have sensitive skin and a nut allergy so I am constantly on the look out for products that are gentle on my skin and aren’t going to poison me with nut sickness. I ask a lot of my beauty products too. They have to keep me looking and feeling fresh at all times. Even after I’ve had too many glasses of champagne the night before. Even after my baby daughter has decided she is going to operate on another time zone and wake at 3am asking for cheese and biscuits.

As a mother, I want products in my home that are safe for baby skin, are made with quality ingredients and actually work. I want to instill in my daughter a love for quality without sacrificing integrity. I want her to be aware of the marketing tricks that the big beauty companies can use and why some ingredients are better than others.

Before I become a complete earth mother, I also want her to appreciate the joy of trying out new products and falling in love with anything that is beautifully packaged or comes in mini sizes, as I do!

My background is in health, having worked as a registered nurse specialising in dermatology both here and in London. This means I know what to look for in a skincare range and I love researching new products. I have also studied Traditional Chinese Medicine in Brisbane and Perth which has given me an appreciation for health and beauty from a holisitic and herbal perspective.

I currently live in Geelong and as the wife of an AFL coach I am constantly on the go, forever packing and unpacking bags. I have moved back and forth between cities and countries like a gypsy and love travelling. This means I am on the eternal quest to find products that are easy to use, good value and effective enough to keep up with my lifestyle.

I am thrilled to be part of Natural Supply Co as I wholeheartedly believe in using skincare that keeps me and my family healthy and happy. Healthy, because I know I’m using products that don’t contain harsh chemicals and consider the environment. Happy, because the products make my skin look and feel good. There is nothing more confidence boosting than healthy skin and a happy smile.

I'd love to hear from you about any product-based questions or skincare concerns, so please connect with me onInstagram or via email: