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 Celeste Robertson Natural Supply Co

I have loved beauty products, and beautiful things, my whole life. Makeup, skincare, gorgeous candles, luxe packaging – these little luxuries in life have always called my name. I managed a fragrance counter at Myer during university, and from then on, I was completely hooked.

Over the last few years, my desire to live in a more eco-friendly way has really amplified. I am passionate about reducing plastic usage in our household, and making sure my six-year old, Charlie, grows up where single-use plastics just aren't used or on his radar. I want him to challenge the status quo and be a thoughtful, mindful person. I also really want to use our platform to help educate others about sustainable, reusable products that are available to cut down on plastic waste; I use our blog, NSC Journal, for this and have written posts like this one on easy ways to reduce waste. I also wrote a monthly column for the Geelong Advertiser's Saturday magazine, GT, with simple eco friendly tips and tricks across a range of topics, for 18 months.

Running Natural Supply Co with Sarah is an absolute joy for me, and I love feeling confident about the products we stock being safe to use on my son, in my home, on my skin and being sent off through the waterways. I feel like we are helping to make a difference, and that feels wonderful. When I see all the great feedback we're getting on social media and via email, I get happy butterflies in my tummy. Each time someone tells us they love what they're now using or how happy they are with their order, it is the best feeling; and the ultimate satisfaction, as a small business owner, to know that we're on the right track.

Lest xxx