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More about Celeste

I have loved beauty products, and beautiful things, my whole life. Makeup, skincare, gorgeous candles, luxe packaging – these little luxuries in life have always called my name. I managed a fragrance counter at Myer during university, and from then on, I was completely hooked.

At 22, I started working at Adore Beauty, where I was hired as Assistant Manager. At the time, I was the first full-time employee of the business. I spent five very happy years at Adore, where I worked my way up to be Sales & Marketing Manager and essentially managed the day-to-day operations of the website. It was a wonderful learning curve for me, and where my knowledge and interest in digital marketing began. Digital marketing just made sense to me, and having studied PR and marketing, I had a good understanding of the backbones to build upon.

I left Adore mid-2012 to move back to my hometown of Geelong, and in with my boyfriend (and now husband), Cam. I worked for a local fashion business for 18 months; but my passion for beauty had not abated. So, when a previous client of Adore contacted me and asked if I could help her out with social media, I jumped at the opportunity.

The seed was planted, and I planned and networked and called beauty brands I had relationships with, and built a clientele that would allow me to quit my job and focus on digital marketing for beauty businesses full-time.

The long days of working a 9-5pm job, only to come home and work on my business, paid off after about three months, and Fox & Bear Digital Marketing was officially born. It was wonderful to be working with beauty brands again, and when Catherine asked me how I felt about starting a low-chemical, low-tox beauty site with her, I just couldn't resist.

Running Natural Supply Co is an absolute joy for me, and while any space in our home has been well and truly monopolised, it is nice that it is filled with products that I love and feel confident using on my toddler, in my home, on my skin and sending off through the waterways. I feel like we are helping to make a difference, and that feels wonderful. I see all the feedback we're getting on social media and via email, and I literally get happy butterflies in my tummy each time someone tells us they love what they're now using or how happy they are with their order. It is the ultimate satisfaction as a small business owner to know that we're on the right track.

I'd love to hear from you about your favourite natural brands or other Geelong-based startups, so please connect with me on Instagram or via email: 

Lest xxx