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Who – Kirsten and her love for lanolin

The inspiration for Lanolips™ comes from a humble sheep farm in Lucindale, South Australia where Lanolips™ creator Kirsten Carriol spent her childhood.

Lanolin (the main ingredient in the Lanolips™ range) is a natural substance taken from freshly shorn sheep’s wool, and it was in the farm shed that Kirsten loved to spend her summer holidays. Couple that with her DNA Professor father’s passion for using natural ingredients that really worked and you have the foundation for Kirsten’s love of lanolin (nature’s wonder moisturiser), and ultimately Lanolips™.

Why - it really works

This lip ointment is just amazing, and it has been rewarded accordingly having just won the InStyle Best Beauty Buys 2014 - wow. Once you try this beautiful product out you will not travel far without it. We've got one for our handbag, our bedside table and one for our work desk! This is Celeste's ultimate lip balm, and she had to stock it at Natural Supply Co!

What – a completely natural lip ointment

Kirsten set out to create a completely natural, ultra-pure lanolin lip ointment, one that gave the best moisturisation available and that had a lush, glossy finish whilst remaining natural – something that didn’t exist in the cosmetics world. For six years Kirsten pestered and prodded until she created her perfect “I want to wear that formula”, a formula that was: nourishing, moisturising, comfortable wear, made her lips feel great and was based on completely natural, Ultra-Pure Medical Grade Lanolin.

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