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ECO. modern essentials

Who – proud Aussies

ECO. modern essentials was founded in Queensland, and is a proud Australian company committed to developing natural products that work. We love their body treatments, plus the certified organic baby products.

Why – the essence of living plants

The peeps at ECO. believe in the power of living plants to work in harmony with the innate healing power of the human body. Their products are rich in natural ingredients, such as essential oils, that energise, detoxify and de-stress the skin.  

What - luscious essential oil-based products

Cleopatra is said to have indulged in essential oils in her bath, soap, and for exfoliation, to heighten beauty and wellness. If it was good enough for Cleopatra, we want you to have it too!

ECO. modern essentials have gotten their aromatherapists and scientists to create a range of body care products from essential oils and natural vitamins found in plant extracts. All ECO. body products are TGA approved and GMP compliant, free of harmful artificial chemicals and are not tested on animals.

We’re going to be hitting up our men for a massage pretty soon, using the luxurious body and massage oils available. Bring on those Cleopatra-esque home spa rituals! 

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