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Zilch Acne Formula Capsules

Made with all the good stuff, Zilch Acne Formula Capsules are all natural, containing 100% Chinese Herbal active ingredients, and have been formulated to heal skin from the inside out while offering safe and effective long term results.

Zilch Acne Formula by Dr. Vivian Tam(CM) works on the root cause of problems causing acne and not just the symptoms, balancing and helping the skin to heal from the inside out.

Its patented formula is made up of 17 potent herbal ingredients, which work on:

  • Reducing inflammation: inflammation in the skin that causes swelling, redness, itching and painful pimples is calmed.
  • Removing heat and toxicity: in Chinese Medicine, an imbalance of heat in the body can cause skin breakouts. A great analogy for this is like the Earth’s core getting hot, and the heat escaping as eruptions (volcanos!), similar to heat in the body causing eruptions in the skin (pimples!). Ingredients in Zilch help remove the heat that is adding to inflammation in the skin.
  • Detoxing: toxin build up in the body can cause acne. Ridding the body of toxins through clearing the digestion and liver and supporting its function of getting rid of waste and toxin build up will see a long term change in maintaining clear skin.
  • Promoting blood circulation for healing: when the body’s blood circulation is poor, blood stagnation can occur which leads to blockages and swelling. Cystic, deep, inflamed and sore pimples can be a result of this disharmony. Ingredients in Zilch Acne Formula promote and boost blood circulation to stop these deeper nodules from occurring in the skin, promoting healing.

These high performing, all-natural tablets can help to heal Deep Acne (deep, large, sore), body acne (chest, back etc), Whiteheads (pimples that come to a head), acne resulting from coming off the pill, acne that flares up before menstrual cycle, adult acne on jawline, chin, cheeks and temples; and stubborn acne that has not responded to other treatments.

When should I expect to see results:

  • Patients report changes in skin within 2 weeks. Inflammation is reduced and new breakouts are much more infrequent.
  • Clear skin may be noted within 6 8 weeks of use.
  • Everyone responds differently to treatments and times may vary from person to person, however, these reports are what is most commonly seen in clinic-use.

Cruelty free, never tested on animals, and vegan. No gluten.

Sales of Zilch Acne Formula support the World Animal Protection Organisation.

PLEASE NOTE: this supplement cannot be taken during pregnancy.

    Directions: For severe acne, we recommend full dose of 4 tablets, twice a day.

    For moderate acne, we recommend 3 tablets, twice a day.

    If acne is very mild, we recommend 2 tablets, twice a day; or 4 tablets, once a day.

    Ingredients:Prunus persica, Carthamus tinctorius, Salvia miltiorrhiza, Hedyotis diffusa, Herba, Angelica dahurica, Gleditsia sinensis, Spina, Viola yedoensis, Herba, Taraxacum mongolicum, Herba, Lonicera japonica, Phellodendron amurense, Paeonia suffruticosa, Gardenia florida, Gentiana scabra, Scutellaria baicalensis, Zingiber officinale, Angelica polymorpha, Glycyrrhiza uralensis, Starch-Potato.

    Size: 240 capsules.

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