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Ever Eco Recycled RPET Mesh Produce Bags - 8 pack

Essential for a zero waste lifestyle and those aiming to cut down their single-use plastic consumption, Ever Eco Recycled RPET Mesh Produce Bags replace plastic produce bags at the store or market. They are also great for storing your fruit and veg in the fridge, helping them to stay fresh for longer!

Made from recycled plastic bottles (rPET), the bags are lightweight yet made from a super strong transparent mesh fabric.

Perfect for fruit, vegetables, herbs and bulk goods such as grains, nuts and pulses.

Bags pack down into the pocket-sized storage pouch with carabiner clip, which easily clips onto trolley or basket for easy access while shopping. 

Ever Eco Recycled RPET Mesh Produce Bags are our new household essential!

Directions: Rinse your produce in the bag and pop straight into the fridge. Air flows through the mesh weave allowing your produce to breathe and stay fresh for longer

Dimensions: 30 x 35cm

Size: 4 per pack, plus storage bag

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

An easy way to reduce plastic use. Great quality and easy to use.


Love this bags, wish I had found them sooner; it feels great to know that you've saved a single use plastic bag

Fab bags

Love these bags . Great value for money and are made beautifully.
I also use them when I make Almond milk . Win Win !!

Love these little bags that help reduce our plastic use.

Whenever I do the shopping, I am asked by other customers and by checkout staff where I got these bags. They are so convenient, with their little storage pouch too. As well as being great to purchase and carry your fruit and veggies, I have found they actually keep things fresher too, even when I have forgotten to put them in the fridge.