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Buzz Patch All Natural Mosquito Repellent Stickers


NEW smaller pack size and even more effective formulation in 2022!

Did you know that mosquitos find us humans by sensing the CO2 being emitted? The clever BuzzPatch scent creates a virtual shield, almost camouflaging kids from mozzies.

Buzz Patch All Natural Mosquito Patches utilise the most effective and safe essential oils, designed to confuse mosquitoes and hide your kids from their senses. BuzzPatch are so effective, the reviews speak for themselves!

BuzzPatch stickers are made using non-woven fabric patches, infused with Citronella and other essential oils. Unlike topical sprays which contain DEET or Picaridin, BuzzPatch is not only easy to apply, but environment-friendly! And best of all, they can be used for babies without any fear of spraying anything on their skin. 

BuzzPatch is most effective in the first 8 hours, and continues to be effective for 24-72 hours from opening.

Directions:Apply BuzzPatch to your child's clothes, to protect them for up to 24 hours.

  • Kids aged 0-2 need 1: One patch placed centrally on clothes (ie, on their jumpsuit on the stomach, chest)
  • Kids aged 3-5 need 2: One patch on the top clothes (sweater, t-shirt) and one on the shorts.
  • Kids aged 6+ need 2-4: One patch on the clothing next to each exposed limb (one on the sleeve of both the left and right arm, and if wearing shorts, one on the left and right side of shorts)

Care: Once the pack is opened, your BuzzPatch are effective for 6 months. When sealed, they will last up to 24 months.

Ingredients: Natural citronella essential oil, Lavender essential oil, Non-woven Fabric.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews

Great for my littlest love to put in her clothes when we go for walks at dusk

Treena H.
Awesome Product That Works!

Very happy with this product, it keeps both midges and mozzies away! I am highly allergic to midges so I pack this product in my handbag as well having it at home. I also find it a great alternative to mozzie coils or sprays as both of those are toxic. Very pleased and highly recommend!

Jennifer Lucas
Buzz patch

These are seriously the best!! We would normally get munched by those annoying mosquitoes but not with the buzz patch on. Plus they have the cutest designs on them the kids love choosing their own patch.

They work!

Put one on the inside of the bottom seem on my dress and same on sleeve and did not get bitten - mozzies love me so I was pleasantly surprised! Works on my kids too!

Very effective

My 6yo was coming home from school with her legs covered in mozzie bites (and she has quite a large reaction to a single bite!) - so I bought these, put them in her school bag and when she remembers to put them on at recess and another at lunch time - she comes home bite free. Yay! I've since got a few other friends onto them and they've also been really happy with the results. And with the wet weather Melb has been having - I've started to wear them when I'm gardening now too - they're very effective!