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Bondi Wash Tasmanian Pepper & Lavender Hand Spray

In excellent news, new independent lab testing has confirmed that Bondi Wash's natural hand sanitiser spray naturally prevents the spread of influenza, effectively killing 99.99% of the virus on surfaces and in the air. This is a groundbreaking result for a natural product, and we are thrilled that the anti-bacterial effectiveness of this product has again been proven. 

The Bondi Wash Tasmanian Pepper & Lavender Hand Spray is a naturally antibacterial, low-alcohol hand sanitiser. Previous independent lab testing had already verified that the Hand Spray kills 99.99% of bacteria, like e-coli and staphylococcus.

Enriched with aloe vera and vitamin E to soften the skin, it is safe for use on pregnant women and children over 2 years. Bondi Wash Tasmanian Pepper & Lavender Hand Spray can also be sprayed on hard surfaces to kill bacteria. This is an essential in our nappy bags!

50ml lasts 400 sprays

Size: 50ml.

Made in Australia.

Customer Reviews

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Use it all the time

Has a beautiful smell and is non greasy. Have used it on dropped toys and clothing and of course our hands. Love that it’s alcohol free. A new staple in our house


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