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Buff Wand Glass Nail File Shiner

When we tried the clever Buff Wand Glass Nail File Shiner, we had to stock it. If you've ever wanted longer, stronger, healthier and shinier nails, this 

magic little wand will make all of your nail wishes come true!

BuffWand is your all-in-one tool that files, shapes, pushes cuticles, buffs and polishes your natural nails to a smooth, glassy shine that lasts up to 3 weeks.

You can say 'seeya!' to fake nails, and embrace the beauty of your natural nails. Farewell toxic chemicals in nail polish, shellac and acrylics - all you need is this pretty pink stick.

Why you'll love the Buff Wand Glass Nail File Shiner:

  • Better for your nails: Traditional emery boards and metal files damage the surface and edges of your nails, opening them up to bacteria and making them weak. Buff Wand's nano-glass technology seals the nail surface and edges as it files and buffs, which help to prevent chipping and strengthens your nails.
  • Eco-friendly & sustainable: Glass lasts longer than traditional emery boards which are made of plastic and sandpaper, and wear down quickly. Metal nail files can corrode and rust. Traditional files also take years to decompose and cannot be recycled.
  • Reusable: Simply wash clean with soap and water and your Buff Wand is good as new!

Plus, your BuffWand comes in a 

protective hard case, so you can keep it safe in your handbag for on-the-go filing as needed.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

It is as described. I havent tried it for buffing yet, but happy with purchase. Sturdy, good quality.

Peta Harding
Fantastic nail file!

I absolutely adore this nail file. It seriously works. It makes it so easy to take care of my nails. I also can travel on the plane with it, and it seems very hard to break!