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Seed & Sprout Eco Stow Rectangular Glass Container Set

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Introducing the latest addition to your kitchen, the brand new Glass Rectangle Eco Stows from Seed & Sprout. Crafted from heat resistant glass and sealed with premium silicone, these glass food storage containers redefine functionality. Prepare to experience a kitchen essential that harmoniously blends eco-consciousness, versatility, and beauty.

Guaranteed to be another gem for your sustainable kitchen, these glass food containers fill the gap between pantry, prep, oven and fridge storage. Not only will they elevate your pantry storage aesthetics, but they'll will also revolutionise your kitchen routines by allowing you to do everything in the same containers.

Experience the freedom to store, prep, cook, bake, serve and store again. With a glass base and lid to easily see what’s inside, it makes time in the kitchen easy and effortless. For optimal convenience, the glass lids feature an air vent, promoting safe reheating and efficient air removal before storage, keeping your food fresher for longer. 

The lids feature an LFGB-certified silicone seal, ingeniously designed with a user-friendly pull tab. This allows you to break any vacuum seal that’s been created especially as food cools down. Hassle-free reopening whenever you desire!

Unlike typical glass food storage containers made from soda glass, Seed & Sprout have exclusively chosen premium borosilicate glass, guaranteeing enduring clarity, heat resistance, and durability. 

Oven-safe, microwave-safe, stain-resistant, and dishwasher-safe, you can enjoy unrivalled versatility with this set. Whether in the pantry, oven, fridge, freezer, serving or as a lunch box container while on the go, these food containers can do it all.

Chemicals and microplastics need no longer be a concern. By embracing toxic-free glass, you embrace a healthier lifestyle and a greener planet. Make the switch to glass today and experience the pantry organisation of your dreams.

Features you'll love:

  • 100% plastic-free, non-toxic glass with LFGB certified silicone seal
  • Super versatile food containers; microwave, freezer, oven and dishwasher safe
  • Perfect for food prep, pantry storage, fridge food storage, baking, reheating and leftovers
  • Made from premium borosilicate glass to ensure longevity, stain and odour resistance and heat resistant
  • Vented lid makes it easy to re-heat lunch and leftovers

Use & care: Dishwasher, microwave, freezer safe. Heat resistant 50c to 250c

Size:Set of 3 rectangle glass food storage containers with glass lids | Sizes 700ml, 1400ml & 2600ml.

Customer Reviews

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These are wonderful

So happy with this set. I've been looking for something like this for a long time, but hadn't been able to find quite what I wanted. Until now - I'm saving up for another set. Thank you!

Even better than I anticipated

Can't believe the quality of these - they are seriously beautiful. Easy to take care of, the glass bottoms stack for easy storage, they can go in the freezer... perfect!