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What is cosmetic acupuncture?

January 02, 2019 4 min read 2 Comments

Cosmetic acupuncture: Megan Markle raves about it, it's a natural alternative to Botox, and it requires no down time. But what IS it, and how does it work?

Geelong local and all-round legend, Hannah Watson from Acupuncture Wellness Co, has answered these very questions... and more. It's time to make yourself a cup of tea, sit back and relax while you find out everything you need to know about cosmetic acupuncture.

What is cosmetic acupuncture?

Hannah Watson, from Acupuncture Wellness Co

NSC: What is cosmetic acupuncture?

Hannah: Cosmetic acupuncture is a specialised facial treatment involving the use of tiny, intra-dermal needles, to soften lines and tone facial muscles. These needles create an influx of collagen to the area, which plumps the area, visibly softening the appearance of lines and wrinkles. The treatment also enhances skin tone, promotes skin health through microcirculation and detoxification, for a noticeably healthier appearance. I first heard about cosmetic acupuncture from a book when I was studying Chinese medicine and I was shocked more people didn't know about it. Years later, I underwent specialist training in England from the author of the very book! Since then I have developed my own technique and blended natural tools to deliver our signature treatment in Geelong. 

NSC: How does cosmetic acupuncture actually work and what does it target?

Hannah: Ha ha, I always laugh at "does it work?". Yes, cosmetic acupuncture does work. Its use dates back a couple of thousand years, when the princesses of China were rocking the gua sha tools for beautiful glowing skin. Now days, it's hailed by Meghan Markle, Elle McPherson, Angelina Jolie and Rachael Finch, to maintain healthy skin. Cosmetic acupuncture offers complete precision, so it can target your specific areas of concern. The tiny size of the needles used allows us to focus on each line. It is very detailed, but very rewarding to see them soften and shorten. 

One area that responds particularly well is 'the hanging dagger', those vertical lines between the middle of the brows. It's a very dominant line where the results are easy to see. Treatments can be focused on lines around the eyes, forehead or mouth. Congestion, such as black head and acne, also respond well as the stimulation of Qi allows blood to course and remove impurities. We have recently had great success with one of our clients who was seeking a more balanced facial symmetry, with each side of the face requiring different treatment approach. 

NSC: What is the difference between cosmetic acupuncture and using a Derma Roller?

Hannah: Good question! Firstly, it's all about precision. Derma rollers are great, but they are broad, and can only be used once fortnightly (or monthly) because their recovery is so long. Cosmetic acupuncture offers you a treatment of complete relaxation that directs collagen to the exact lines curated by you. By toning and lifting the areas surrounding, it contributes towards preventing the formation of lines in the future, for example lifting and toning through the scalp to lift the forehead. Then, we add another level to the treatment. We ask what the emotion is that is causing this expression to repeatedly manifest? Have a play with this yourself. Think about the expression you make when you are mad, when you're surprised, when you're excited beyond words, and watch how your facial expression changes with the emotions. So, traditional acupuncture methods are incorporated to address underlying emotional patterns that may be contributing to the formation of lines. 

NSC: How many treatments are generally needed?

Hannah: Treatments are recommended on an individualised basis. We offer treatment packages of four, six or eight treatments. There is no real recovery time required, so treatments once or twice per week are a great way to go for those looking to create change fast. 

NSC: Do you need to do anything else, like take herbs, to achieve the best results?

Hannah: We can look into individualised herbal formulas to address existing patterns, but the results that have been achieved in the clinic are done without the use of herbal formulas. We offer advice, according to Chinese dietary therapy, that is easily integrated to compliment your treatment. 

NSC: How much does it cost?

Hannah: Treatments are an hour, involving consultation, cosmetic and traditional acupuncture treatment. These also feature hand-carved crystal facial gua sha and facial roller. We also incorporate an organic serum, which features Chinese herbs that have been researched for their collagen boosting properties.

The treatment is $180, which you can also claim on health insurance under acupuncture. 

NSC: Who would you recommend cosmetic acupuncture to?

Hannah: Cosmetic acupuncture is ideal for those wanting to rejuvenate their appearance without resorting to surgery or muscle immobilisation techniques. It offers a natural, organic treatment that can benefit you on so many levels; detoxification, toning facial muscles, softening lines, harmonising emotions are calming stress hormones. Plus, it is safe during breast feeding and pregnancy. 

NSC: What are the benefits of using a rose quartz roller or a jade roller?

Hannah: My heart just swoons for the hand-carved facial rollers! The benefits are enormous! So, firstly with the physical. The facial roller increases microcirculation which promotes skin cell health, detoxification and aids skin elasticity. It assists lymphatic drainage, reducing puffiness and smoothing the skin. The facial rollers minimise the pores, but this is especially affiliated with jade, which is known for its cooling nature. They are also used to lessen dark circles under the eyes. Gently rolling over the eyelids first thing in the morning is gorgeous. The cool crystal helps refresh the eyes to help them look fresh and open! From an energetic and emotional perspective, these tools both resonate with the heart. 

Jade has been used in Chinese tradition for its cooling effect on the heart, calming restlessness, studying the emotions and resolving insomnia. Rose Quartz, known as 'the love stone', is used to foster and accept self-love. It is also used to heal pre-existing relationships, so even having rose quartz in your home, the healing energy it emits can help you on levels deeper than you are aware of. 

Interested in a personal account of Hannah's cosmetic acupuncture treatments? I've blogged about my first treatment here.Lest x

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January 03, 2019

Hi Pamela! I am afraid I am not sure – your best bet is to google ‘cosmetic acupuncture Perth’ and see what comes up near you :) Good luck!

Pamela Manning
Pamela Manning

January 03, 2019

Hi there,
Love the sound of this being so natural.
Is there anywhere in Perth that offers this seevice?

Kind regards 😊

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