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Mitten Black Deep Exfoliating Body Mitt - Ultra Coarse

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The Ultra Coarse Mitten Black Deep Exfoliating Body Mitt is the king of Turkish Bath Exfoliating Mitts!

A premium grade Hammam exfoliator, Mitten's Black Ultra Coarse Mitt has been woven with the highest grade of Silk Viscose threads, to provide an intense Turkish Bath exfoliating treatment. 

Remaining true to the Hammam Ritual, its ultra-coarse yet non-scratchy texture has been extra-tightly woven to provide a massage to the body, while deeply purifying the skin through premium-plus peeling of dead skin cells.

Fighting multiple skin imperfections, it deeply purifies and detoxifies and stimulates oxygen rich blood to the skin’s surface. Within the body, it massages sore muscles and encourages the body to further sweat. Increased circulation activates lymphatic drainage, fights-off inflammation and build-up of lactic acid and assists with boosting the immunes system, leaving the body totally re-energised and with improved mental clarity.

One of the first of its kind, this mitt texture has been purposely formulated to  provide an express Hammam deep exfoliation treatment and is recommended to be used by resistant skin types as a weekly treatment to encourage recovery to the body. It can also be used a an intense treatment to fight skin imperfections like pigmentation, keratosis pilaris and skin bumps.

Directions: Soften body with warm to hot water for 1-3 minutes in the bath or shower. Wet mitt during this time and squeeze out excess water. Turn water off or if in a bath remove yourself from water. Mitt works off friction with skin and peeling may not occur on overly hairy areas or if excessively wet. 

For resurfacing: 

  • Place hand in mitt and start to rub skin with long firm strokes, in upwards and downward motions until peeling occurs.
  • Apply moderate pressure on body using palm of hands and not fingers.
  • Increase pressure gradually to desired intensity.
  • Move swiftly around body. Do not over rub same areas.
  • Skin will turn pinkish as circulation is promoted to areas.
  • Some assistance may be required for back and shoulders.
  • TIP: During use, squeeze out excess water from mitt continuously for effectiveness.

For refreshing:

  • Wash away skin debris with warm-cold water, to neutralise body temperature and close off pores.
  • Rinse mitt and squeeze out excess water. (Do not use any detergents or soaps), hang to dry and repeat between applications.
  • TIP: After exfoliation use moisturising body lotion to hydrate skin and use SPF 30+ prior to going outdoors as skin will be ultra-sensitive to sun.

Composition: 100% Silk-Viscose.

Dimensions: 15.5(W) x 22.5 (L)cm. Mitt will slightly shrink with initial wash to blend fibres.

Made in Turkey

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