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O&M Original Mineral Haircare


Who - Jose started it all off in Sydney

Jose Bryce Smith is the well-tressed founder of this chemically-conscious hair care company. From humble Sydney beginnings, O&M’s environmentally aware product range and natural hair colouring system has found a loyal Australian following and is expanding internationally.

What - hair care products without the toxins

Leaving out harsh chemicals including Parabens, MIT and Triclosan, O&M have replaced them with natural native actives from O&M's birthplace of Australia. Sourced from diverse geographical locations from the desert to the ocean, these Australian native actives deliver many benefits while nourishing and protecting the hair.

Why - it's a better alternative

For some the science isn't yet final on whether these substances are cause for concern but if we can find effective alternatives, then where's the harm? O&M don’t believe you need harsh chemicals to colour or care for hair and set the bar pretty high for how their products look and perform. The O&M CCT (Clean Colour Technology) colour range is ammonia free, the Watercolour range is both ammonia and peroxide free and their hair care range includes natural actives, essential oils and are free from sulphates, parabens and other known nasties. Showers have just become even more delicious!

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