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VITRUVI Stone Diffuser - Charcoal


Did you know we are Australia's premier stockist of VITRUVI diffusers? It's true!

And there's a good reason for this: these luxe beauties are handcrafted, helping you diffuse essential oils throughout your home while doubling as a stunningly simple piece of decor.

The new Charcoal shade is sophisticated and sultry: a matte grey with cool undertones, making it an ideal addition to any space.

Use your VITRUVI diffuser on your bedside table to diffuse a calming blend before bed, in the living room to set the scene for yourself (or your guests), or in your kitchen to freshen up the space after you cook. This is where we love to use ours! It also looks gorgeous on the bench.

It has a matte ceramic finish and contains a high-quality BPA-free plastic water reservoir.

Enjoy FREE SHIPPING with your purchase of the VITRUVI Stone Diffuser.

Please note: VITRUVI comes from Canada, so an adapter plug is required for use in Australia OR you can use the USB port (included) for your existing plug.

Run time: 3-hour non-stop (green light) or 7-hour 30 second interval (orange light). For safety, it will turn off automatically when time is up or water runs out.

Ultrasonic: 2.5 vibrations/second

6 ft. power cord with USB port included. 

Specs: Width: 8.7cm and Height: 18cm    

Humidification: 2.3 fl. oz/hour

Diffusing Capacity: 538.19 ft²    

Customer Reviews

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This little beauty is amazing as part of my sleep routine. It looks great on my bedside table as it’s not too big. I’m not a great sleeper so I try and build solid bedtime routines to aid in better sleep. Having this has really helped. It makes a very soft water bubbling sound as it works and and my room smells lovely and reminds me to take slow deep breaths while I’m trying to nod off. You can add more or less oil drops depending how strong you like the scent in the room/how big the room is you’re using it in. Vitruvi make brilliant oils to use in them too!