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Seed & Sprout Baking Tin Trio

Baking up some yummy treats in the kitchen? The new Seed & Sprout Baking Tin Trio is here for all your plastic-free storage needs!

Whether it’s a large cake for your family, muffins or cookies, there’s a size big and small enough to store everything within this trio.

These beauties come in Seed & Sprout's classic Oat Milk colourway that matches their ever-growing kitchen range. With 3 different shades on each of the lids, this trio will be sitting pretty out on display. Plus, they nest perfectly inside one another when not in use, so will hardly take up any room in your kitchen cupboards and they're stackable when filled!

Use them to store your freshly baked goods or turn them upside down and use them to store and transport freshly baked cakes, using the base to cut your slices with no mess left behind.

Why we love the Seed & Sprout Baking Tin Trio:

  • A beautiful storage addition to your kitchen minus the plastic
  • Easy to stack when filled
  • They nest inside one another when not in use for easy storage
  • Ideal as a housewarming gift or for the baker in your life, or even as storage tins for your kids' toys!

Dimensions: Large: 25.5cm diameter x 11cm high | Medium: 21.5cm diameter x 10cm high | Small: 18cm diameter x 9cm high.

Care: Hand wash in warm soapy water.

Made ethically with Seed & Sprout's trusted manufacturing partner in China

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Seed & Sprout Baking Tins

Super functional and gorgeous colours. Store inside themselves when not full of homemade goodies - working on that!