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Lullaby Skincare Butterfly Kisses Gift Duo

The Lullaby Skincare Butterfly Kisses Gift Duo contains two luxurious and natural Lullaby products included in a twin Lullaby box: the Calming Body Wash, and Soothing Nappy Cream... like butterfly kisses for the bot!

- Calming Body Wash 250ml: Utra-gentle and soap-free, the gorgeous Lullaby Skincare Calming Body Wash has been specially formulated for delicate skin.

- Soothing Nappy Cream 100g: Zinc Oxide, together with pure grade Lanolin, combine in the Lullaby Skincare Soothing Nappy Cream to form an extra skin barrier to naturally protect against acidic moisture.

A lovely gift for the mum-to-be's baby shower, or the new mum when you first visit her little one!

Made in Australia.