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Happy Society Beeswax Pillar Candle


The beautiful, unscented Happy Society Beeswax Pillar Candles are hand made and  waste free. Let their glowing natural light create a sense of calm in your space.

Happy Society candles are made in Geelong, from 100% natural materials. They're hand poured into the custom Happy Society mold, creating a unique candle each time.

The large size pillars are the double the height of the small pillar candle. Due to the nature of beeswax, slight imperfections, colour and scent may vary slightly between batches. This pillar may create beautiful dripping wax so please ensure you have it on a heatproof, stain resistant surface.

Happy Society use partly raw un-purified beeswax in their batches and the shade of candles may vary slightly due to this. Honey bees collect pollen from a huge variety of plants which has a huge effect on the shade of the beeswax. 

As Happy Society use pure partially raw and unfiltered beeswax (sourced from local apiaries) and pure essential oils, the candles may have small minor 'blemishes' on them from time to time. These small blemishes will not effect the burn time of the candle and are purely cosmetic.

Beautiful hand-made ceramic candle plates are available here.

Small candle: Height: 7.5 cm | Diameter: 6 cm | Burn time approximately 35 hours

Large candle: Height: 15 cm | Diameter: 6 cm  | Burn time approximately 70 hours

Candle care: Please do not place the candle directly in the sun or near a heater, as there is a risk of discolouring or melting. Beeswax is a very strong and durable wax however please be careful when handling the candles. In hot weather the wax can soften slightly making it easier to create marks, scratches or dents in the candle. 

WAX BLOOM - What is it? It’s a harmless white powdery coating that can sometimes show up on beeswax candles over time. If this happens, please take it as a good sign that your candle is 100% pure beeswax! The natural oils found in beeswax are escaping to the surface of the candle, and it doesn't effect the quality of the candle whatsoever. Please gently wipe bloom off with a dry/soft cloth to remove, if it is particularly cold you may find the bloom appears more frequently. We embrace mother nature's ‘flaws’ and some people love the look of bloom on their candle, it reminds them they are burning something clean and completely natural. 

Made in Australia

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These candles are beautiful and incredible quality. They burn so nicely and evenly - we’ve not had any wax drips and we’re almost at the bottom of the large pillar. It’s lasted so well and adds a beautiful ambience to our family dinners, without adding unwanted scent at meal time. Love our new ritual!