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BON LUX Dandy Deodorant

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The new BON LUX Dandy Deodorant is an all natural body spray, blending essential oils, witch hazel, salts and restorative magnesium. The fresh-scented blend of tea tree, cedar, peppermint, citrus and lavender are designed to bust body odour and blitz bacteria, with the goodness of a magnesium boost!

It smells great on everyone, and works just as well as a scented body spray. Those who wear the BON LUX Woodland roll on perfume will love it! The two work together like a charm.

Dandy Deodorant was created using only the finest plant-based ingredients, and contains no chemicals, synthetic fragrances, bi-carb soda or aluminium. That means it's great for sensitive skin.

Not tested on animals, but absolutely tested on a runner, soccer player, small business operator, musician, my mum and mates!

NOTE: When switching from an anti-perspirant to natural deodorant, it can take a few weeks for your body to adapt. You might feel more sweaty as your body gets out all those toxins but you’ll be better for it! Also added magnesium can make skin feel tingly and prickly sometimes, which is an indicator that your body needs it! It settles after a few days. We suggest not using after shaving your pits to minimise this.

Directions: Shake bottle, spray under arms, and all over body.

Ingredients: Hamamelis Virginiana, Cedrus, Eugenia Caryophyllata, Mentha x Piperita, Backhousia Citriodora, Citrus Limonum,  Melaleuca Alternifolia, Lavandula, Magnesium oil, aloe vera, Himalayan salt.

Size: 50ml.

Made in Australia

Customer Reviews

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My new favourite! Smells delicious and lovely and light

Loving this deodorant! Smells great and does the trick. Sadly did smash a bottle - so now keep out of the bathroom away from tiles :( But I definitely would recommend!!

Handy to use and works well

This is another staple of my swim bag. Easy to use and unlike stick deodorants, it won’t melt in the heat. Also handy that it’s a spray so if I don’t have time to shower it’s not touching my skin when I use it. Smells nice, fits easily into my project ten mini zip bag and works well.