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4MyEarth Reusable Cotton Bread Bag

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The 4MyEarth Bread Bag is perfect for carrying and storing your bread, which means you can say goodbye to plastic when you buy your bread from the bakery!

Whether you make your own bread or buy it from your local baker, it's easier than ever to reduce your use of single use of plastic bags with a strong, long lasting food grade safe bag that will keep your bread lovely and fresh.

TIP: It is also very useful for watermelon and big veggies, too!

Made from 100% Cotton canvas with a zip close, 4MyEarth's reusable bread bag has a unique food-derived, biodegradable coating that is perfect for extending the freshness of bread. The coating decomposes without harm to environment, unlike PUL or Nylon which is not biodegradable.

FREE from BPA, Nylon, heavy metals, PVC and phthalates, it is lightweight yet extremely strong, and can be stored in the fridge or freezer. It also stores flat for easy and simple storage.

The 4MyEarth Reusable Cotton Bread Bag is great for storing homemade or bakery bread, store bought wraps, large veggies, watermelon…a really useful kitchen bag.

Directions: Hand or machine washable – we recommend you wash and dry products inside out.

Dimensions: Approx 30cm x 40cm in size.

Material: Made from 100% cotton canvas.

Handmade ethically in India

Customer Reviews

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keith morse
Jury’s Still Out!

I don’t like knocking what seems like a good idea, hence my purchase of the bread bag! I put my fresh loaf of bread in the bag and zipped it up, but over the next few days the bread wasn’t keeping as well as it did in a plastic bread bag! I’ll keep trying.

Great swap at the bakery

I take this to my local bakery when buying my weekly loaf of bread and ask them to use this instead of the normal plastic bag. I love that it's an easy and simple way to reduce my single use plastic. The zip makes it easy to open and close too.

An essential

We’ve been using our one bag so much lately we needed more, it’s been so perfect for my 5 year old to crush biscuits in when making lots of slices with all our time at home