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T-Totaler Tea

Image courtesy of The Thousands

Who – an entrepreneur with a passion for tea!

T-Totaler was established in Sydney Australia in 2012 by Amber Hudson; an entrepreneur at heart, with a passion for tea. She has travelled to over thirty different countries in pursuit of the perfect cup and now you can taste tea the way it should be brewed.

Why – support local and give yourself some time out with a cuppa

T-Totaler believes in supporting local produce so they have crafted a 100% Australian grown herbal/tea range for you to choose from. They package their loose-leaf tea and herbal blends in beautiful amber glass pharmaceutical jars. Every blend has been lovingly packaged, hand labelled and stamped. They want you to know that you are drinking something special when you receive one of their teas and we’re so glad that you can buy yours now from Natural Supply Co.  

What – special blends to shape your day

All T-Totaler teas have been specially blended to provide a balance between taste, smell and nutrition. Each combination is designed to your needs. We are stocking our favourites: the Organic English Breakfast Tea, Detox Tea, Unwind Tea, Chai Yoga and Immune Boost Tea. Heaven in a cup.

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