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Soak Society


Who – lovers of soaking

Soak Society was started for lovers of soaking and by those that love soaking!  The Soak Society peeps know that soaking is good for us, so they created wellness soaks to use in the bath that promote detoxification with epsom salts and essential oils.

Why – because soaking is just oh so relaxing

Soak Society soaks are 100% natural and are made with the highest quality ingredients.

Detoxification: The combination of hot water with epsom, bentonite clay and essential oils allows your body to detox.  Your pores will open and toxins will be released, very similar to the process your body goes through in a sauna.  Toxins build up in our bodies every day, and we can get rid of them through eating certain foods, drinking lots of water, and also soaking!  It is a complementary treatment for a healthy and well body.

Post-Sports: Our product is great for relieving muscle aches, and when used straight after working out or playing sport, can reduce muscle soreness and swelling the next day.

Relaxation: The combination of essential oils in our wellness soaks create aromas which relax the mind.  Hot water relaxes your muscles also. In our busy lives, time out is important, which is why we recommend combining your soak time with some meditation to get the most out of your experience.

Mineral deficiency: Many people are magnesium deficient, and magnesium is important for bone and muscle health, restful sleep, and many other body functions. Our soaks contain magnesium sulphate which is readily absorbed by our bodies if you soak for at least 20 minutes. They also contain celtic sea salt which has many absorbable trace minerals essential for good health.

 What – soaking sachets of goodness

Each sachet will give you between 8-10 soaks. Start with a few tablespoons in your first bath, and you can work your way up to using more, if you wish.

Head over now to get shopping and soaking!