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Shore Soap Co

Who – husband and wife duo with a passion for using natural ingredients

We loved reading about the people behind Shore Soap Co on Martha Stewart’s website (amazing!). A husband and wife duo, the pair became passionate about soap after being given some handmade soap and realising the massive difference of a product full of natural goodness. They have now perfected the art of soap-making and have grown their product line to include scrubs, lotions, bath salts, linen sprays and moisturiser sticks. We’re so pleased this husband and wife partnered up in more than one way in life!

Why – committed to chemical free goodness

Shore Soap Co specialises in making sea salt soaps that extract toxins from your body, while polishing and moisturising your skin. Sea salt makes a dense bar that can last twice as long as a non-sea salt bar.

Shore Soap use a ‘cold process’ method which ensures that their soaps are never compromised by added chemicals. The minerals in their soaps, such as magnesium, zinc, calcium and potassium, provide nutrients easily absorbed by the skin.

What – the hydration of the sea

We were excited to stock a range of their products and bring them in from Rhode Island to your doorstep. We absolutely love the soaps, candles, moisturising sticks, and solid perfumes! Honestly, we love everything from Shore Soap Co. Absolutely addicted.  

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