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Live Organic Australia

Who – four people on a mission to create toxic free soaps

Four people, Carmel, Pietro, Jim and Prue, joined forces to “provide the purest 100% natural and organic soap free from all chemicals.” 

They are united by their strong feelings about the environment and personal wellness.

Why - "Live organically, love unconditionally and respect nature"

Live Organic Australia has a powerful mission statement: To provide the purist 100% natural, organic products free from all chemicals and fragrances, never tested on animals, vegan and supporting earth friendly sustainable harvesting methods providing our consumers with emotional and functional benefits.

That’s why!

What – because there’s an emotional element to soaps

It is well known that certain herbs and oils make us feel a certain way. For example Lavender is calming, Citrus invigorating, Aloe Vera soothing.

Live Organic Australia is most excited about this magical aspect of soaps. “Your emotions and wellbeing are just as important to us along with all other aspects of body health. Our cold pressed method of creating soap means that ingredients have not been boiled but rather left to cure naturally creating a beautifully handcrafted product. Therefore preserving the freshness and benefits of herbs and botanicals used within the soap, providing you the emotional properties that each individual soap was intended to give.”

We are proud to be able to share their beautiful soaps with you. Check out the range here.